[Continue Play] Alien: Isolation Preview

Continue Play's Dale Morgan goes hands-on with Alien: Isolation, a game that is shaping up to redeem the franchise in gaming and make up for all those years where Aliens were just cannon fodder for a pulse rifle.

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barakus71599d ago

Saw the original movie when I was a kid. Snuck behind my fathers recliner when he and my mom were watching it on VHS. His chair was next to a wall where I had this great spot to peek my head head out toward the TV, and no one would ever see me. Watched a lot of stuff I wasn't supposed to in that spot. The sheer horror that over took my body watching Alien still gives me shivers to this day. I was so scared I couldn't move, scream, or breath, and had night terrors (not bad dreams, PTSD induced terrors) for months.

I can't wait for this game!

Anomander1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

One of the few movies ever to give me a nightmare. I saw this when I was about 10. My friend and I were allowed to rent any movie in the video store. Of course we heard all the big cool kids talking about it so we choose that one. My parents told us we would be terrified and we laughed it off. Sure as hell we were watching it mostly under a blanket.

As much as I am excited for this game, the last one burned me so bad that I'll be waiting for reviews.

ContinuePlay1599d ago

Trust me, this is a very different beast from the last abortion of a game (Colonial Marines). It's lean, mean, utterly terrifying and totally faithful to the franchise.

The demo was only about 15 minutes long (kinda... it really depends on how the AI alien reacts, as much of the gameplay is emergent) but I can say with absolute confidence that it's an amazing game.

Seriously, it would take a conscious effort on the part of Creative Assembly to screw this one up. The game is looking like it could be one of the best games of the year, and that's not an accolade I give out lightly :)

Anomander1598d ago

@Darkmorgado you have me very interested in this one now. To be honest it doesn't take much. Hell I even double dipped on Colonial Marines since I picked it up on Steam for $5 and rented it on the 360. Still mad they never released a Wii U version with the controller they have the motion tracker would have been awesome for it on there!

I hope they do a demo for this game to wet our appetites.

ContinuePlay1598d ago

The Wii U would be awesome as a motion tracker.

One cool thing in Isolation is that if you raise up the motion tracker, a depth-of-field effect blurs out your view of the rest of the environment, meaning you need to use it sparingly. It's a neat touch :)

We might have an interview coming soon with the producer; we're trying to set it up at the moment, so keep an eye on the site!