Hyrule Warriors dev interested in working with Disney, Star Wars, Mario

Tecmo Koei is using the Zelda series for Nintendo’s upcoming Dynasty Warriors-styled Wii U game, Hyrule Warriors. But Zelda isn’t the only prominent IP the company has interest in utilizing.

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admiralvic1603d ago

I'm not surprised. The "Dynasty Warriors" concept could apply to almost anything and work out just fine. I mean, I enjoy the games (sometimes it's fun to run around slicing down everything in your path), but I doubt it would take a lot of effort to mold any of those things into a viable game.

Disney? Alice in Wonderland (Army of cards, generals like the Queen, Mad Hater, Rabbit), Tron (Just generic guys in the suit, maybe someone with a special armor, light cycle mounts), Aladdin (Thiefs, generals like Jafar), etc.
Star Wars? Storm trooper peons (different styles for different locations) and generals like Vadar.
Mario? More than enough enemies, with attacks like the hammer, boomerang, tanooki tail and use Bowser, Bowser JR and the Koopalings as generals.

ZodTheRipper1602d ago

I don't think these guys have the class to make a game that's worth of these franchises ...I mean every Dynasty Warriors in the last few years plays exactly the same and their other games aren't too great either.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1602d ago

Lego does the same thing.
So, I definitely agree.

I just hope that they will be as familiar with the source material as Lego seems to get.

eaise1602d ago

Unfortunately I believe EA has the rights to the Star Wars games. So we will never see Tecmo get a chance to make an awesome game with that franchise.
But Disney has so much potential with this type of game. We have already seen Kingdom Hearts have great success so another Disney fighting game should go well too (yes I know Dynasty Warriors and Kingdom Hearts gameplay are very different but Disney and fighting isn't an odd concept like it would have been viewed before Kingdom Hearts released)
As for a Mario Dynasty Warriors I believe it could be pulled off but not as easily as Zelda, Star Wars, or Disney.

Rockefellow1602d ago

What does it matter if EA owns the rights? They're a publisher, not a developer. Tecmo could make the game under contract, while EA published the title worldwide-- just like they do with many companies they don't personally own.

It's not likely, of course, but it certainly isn't something they haven't done dozens of times in the past. They publish many more games from developers than they actually own.

eaise1602d ago

Well like you said its high unlikely that they will allow an outside developer to work with it. Especially since they just recently acquired the right to Star Wars games.
Plus if EA has anything to do with it there will be too many microtransactions that take away from the game

Geobros1602d ago

Mario wouldn't be a good idea as there is Smash Bros with a big number of Mario Characters.

Disney has various characters but I couldn't imagine a Dynasty Warriors with Disney. Star wars maybe would be a nice idea...

Activemessiah1602d ago

But a Mario RPG would be welcomed.

MegaRay1602d ago

I wont lie, I dont like DW that much but if they did a Disney crossover It might get me interested

Summons751602d ago

Star Wars would be absolutely perfect for the DW formula. It would be interesting for Marvel too. The rest of Disney probably not too well, same with Mario. Maybe a Kingdom Hearts DW for a Disney one would work, I believe Disney owns the rights to the Kingdom Hearts franchise they would just need permission for the Final Fantasy characters.

I can't wait to see more in Hyrule Warriors and the official title. It looked pretty far along from the teaser. Hopefully a villains reveal gameplay.

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