inFamous: Second Son Patch 1.02 Released, About 333 MB In Size [Update]

GearNuke: "Sucker Punch have released a brand new patch for inFamous: Second Son, which is about 333 MB in size."

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pedrof931277d ago

Isn't this the Paper Trail Chapter 2 ?

DarkLordMalik1277d ago

Nope, it can be played without this patch. This new one was just released, and i can't seem to find any patch notes in the log on PS4.

thorstein1276d ago

Did anyone else get the ability to switch back and forth between powers (based on what you absorb) once you started Papertrail?

I couldn't do it before I started it. Or is that just a coincidence?

itBourne1276d ago

Coincidence, the reasoning you could not switch is story/game driven.

shivvy241276d ago

Have you guys had moments when the camera is not locked when doing the orbital drop ! Its so sick ! Try doing it under a tree or something

Patrick_pk441276d ago

@shivvy24 Yeah, I saw that yesterday. You can slightly control it when your descending too!

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Tempest3171276d ago


yeah its awesome, happened several times! ive also had unlocked camera during the radiant sweep, that was pretty badass too! Thats only happened once though

staticdash221277d ago

What does this new update add? We already have the paper trail missions in game activated, so is this fixing bugs?

Rhaigun1276d ago

Yeah, its just fixes. Which I found quite a few of. Fell through the game world a couple times.

My biggest problem, is I've already Plat'd this game, so I have to wait a week for every new paper trail mission for something to do.

TheTrooper1277d ago

What does this update do?

staticdash221276d ago

I think it activiated the DUP raids once you finish the game. I wen t back to the game and now it tells when the DUP is raiding a part of seattle. It does it randomly now even once you drive them out by doing tthe district showdown's they will attempt to take back those areas.

Tempest3171276d ago

That happened already with day 1 patch. Ive had dup raids since i cleared the game last weekend.

Longshot281276d ago

I was doing raids before the patch.

LetoAtreides821276d ago

I can also confirm that raids were there with the day 1 patch.

jhoward5851276d ago

New powers. or maybe higher rate rate(I wish).

TheTrooper1276d ago

I think new powers will only come from DLC.

DoomeDx1276d ago

Haha patched mostly just fix things.

I love hoe Guerrilla Games added new features in their patches though. Pretty cool

Hazmat131276d ago

i would download this but i have centurylink..... so even if i could it would take me 6 years to download.

KonsoruMasuta1276d ago

Man, I thought my connection was slow. This would take me about 20 minutes.

Hazmat131276d ago

yup! my connection is crap. besides that my internet goes down on a daily basis. but i heard Comcast and time warner cable is worse.

itisallaboutps1276d ago

nah time warner cable is pretty good when downloading stuff.

now when it comes to consistency and even loading webpages which takes longer than usual

Ilovetheps41276d ago


I have time warner as well and it goes down quite often. It's usually at night though. (around midnight to 6 a.m.)And our speeds are terrible in my area. It's probably just our area that's this terrible, but I hate it. Sadly it's the best internet in the area.

Umbasa1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )


I have Brighthouse which is Time Warner company here in the south and have no problems. 90mbps down and i think 10 up (can't remember the up speed) but never have i had a lot of disconnects.

ramiuk11276d ago

20 minutes?
seriously where do you live?

im in uk and this would take me less than 30 seconds prob

Kryptix1276d ago

I have Comcast, 50mbs down,10mbs up, and it works as fast as advertised, but the internet server down time is ridiculous. Internet goes down for hours at certain days of the month wiithout notification or schedule. Despite that, it's consistent when downloading, no drops in speed. A file of 333 MB would take around 3 minutes at my current speed.

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thorstein1276d ago

Order it through Amazon. Usually anything over a certain price has free shipping.

christrules00411276d ago

What internet speeds does that get you? Upload doesn't matter unless your playing online games. What is the download speed?

ITPython1276d ago

Actually uploading is directly tied to downloading. If you throttle down your upload speed, it will reduce your download speed.

seanpitt231276d ago

I got fibre optic best thing ever this would take less than a minute.

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