Oculus VR employees got death threats and harassing phone calls that extended to their families

According to Oculus VR’s Palmer Luckey, people working at Oculus VR got death threats and harassing phone calls that extended to their families, something that is obviously shocking given the fact that this is a PC peripheral and not a cure for cancer or something like that.

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PCGamingNoobs1569d ago

damn right!!!

no, but seriously that's a bit far.

Eonjay1569d ago

There are always fools willing to take things too far.

PoSTedUP1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

ur right. i sorry, guys. i was just really mad bc, uh, facebook, and, teh whole facebooks is facebooks. i wanted the oculus, but why they have do'd that? D:

really tho, society has some f'd up ppl in it, any death threat should be taken seriously, you dont know people or their intentions. its sick that some people think this is a joke (the ppl that are opposing the threats).

hay1569d ago

"You work in the company that was bought by Facebook for shitload of money! Silence! I kill you!"

Not a fan of Facebook personally, but this surely makes sense. /sarcasm in the room

Pogmathoin1569d ago

Posted.... Someday you may be a business man and have to make a big decision, unless your Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, decisions are made with common sense,, people who work on these things have other important things in life, must do whats best for them, not for love of gaming....

miyamoto1569d ago

Oh, Microsoft what catastrophic thing have you done again?

1569d ago
YellowTempes1568d ago

Yes, there are, but the employees have nothing to do with the business side of their work and this situation is completely wrong.

DragonKnight1568d ago

Is it just me, or do "death threats and harassing phone calls" look like the go to sympathy claim every time some company does something unpopular?

I personally am not buying this at it's immediate face value. It's very easy to say this kind of thing happened just so people shut up about something they don't like so as to not be lumped together with crazy nut jobs and also to appear to be sympathetic.

The amount of times I've seen "I've received death threats and my family has received harassing phone calls" just really seems suspicious now. It's like these people can get the phone numbers of family members but for some reason NOT get the phone number of the immediate people they are actually angry with.

AliTheSnake11568d ago

What a bunch of No lifes.

SilentNegotiator1568d ago


I kinda hear you. Empty internet threats seem to be used a bit too often as counterpoints and it would be all too easy to simply claim to have received serious death threats for sympathy.

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KendrickLamar1569d ago ShowReplies(3)
Charybdis1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Let's all not try to pretend that only pc gamers are at fault with stuff like this. It's not like this is the first time we heard of devs etc getting threats from so called 'gamers' .
Edit: old article same subject still happening :

Silver3601569d ago

Hoped they used caller ID on every call

andrewsqual1569d ago

But isn't it a bit of a coincidence that it is acquired by Facebook, that houses some of the biggest scum in the world, and THEN they receive these death threats? You want to bring it to the masses, at least know your audience guys.

DragonKnight1568d ago

That's what I'm saying. I think this is a sympathy stunt to get people to shut up.

starchild1569d ago

A "bit far"? Talk about an understatement.

No, the people who made those threats and hateful comments are scum. This is an entertainment device. If it bothers you so much that Oculus was acquired by Facebook then just don't buy the Rift. Nobody cares.

But the pure venom and hate that people directed at Palmer Luckey and the other Oculus guys on places like reddit is just shameful.

HaveAsandwich1569d ago

being there is no cure for cancer, and never will be through western medicine, i'm offended for an entirely different reason.

Baccra171568d ago

There is. Several actually, like B17. But it's worth more money to keep things the way it is than it is to cure things.

Baccra171568d ago

Don't screw with a man and their money. What did they expect would happen?

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DanielGearSolid1569d ago

The internet makes cowards think they're killers

Neixus1569d ago


Why is that subjective? any killer is a coward, because they chose the cowardly way to solve a problem.

If you mean subjective, as killing someone in self defence, you don't get deemed as a killer.

Watari3211569d ago

@Neixus Not all people that kill people are cowards that is a dumb way to look at it.

morganfell1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

",,,the cowardly way to solve a problem."


You should get out into the world more. Or try reading something besides gaming news. There are some people that only understand the kind of reasoning that comes out of the barrel of a gun or they at least comprehend the lesser form of communication known as a sharp blow to the head.

You might be surprised to learn that while a great many people respond to reason, attempting this route with certain persons only paints V for victim on your forehead.


The list is endless. And look what happens to a lot of families and individuals when they do not resist the home invaders. Google that one and look at the rapes and the killings.

dcj05241569d ago

Not true. If I kill a theif to protrct my little brother am I a coward?

speedforce1311568d ago

So what do you call the men and women that protect your country?

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Jihaad_cpt1568d ago

Immature nerds lol, this shows what is wrong the world displayed by a group of "gamers". People need to grow up and think before they act.

4logpc1569d ago

Jeeze. Some gamers need to grow up.

Paulie_gualtieri1569d ago

sounds like typical PC fanboys.

jmac531569d ago

For some reason I always think of the unbeatable player in the South Park World of Warcraft episode when gamers rage about video games.

d3nworth11569d ago

I wouldn't specifically say PC fanboys but fanboys in general.

Paulie_gualtieri1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I doubt console fanboys care enough to take it to this level.Especially since oculus never had anything to do with consoles.It's been PC fanboys who have been bragging about oculus forever.Then they turned on them when they sold out to facebook.Now they pull this stunt.

DoctorJones1568d ago

It happens from lots of people, including console gamers. Some dullards like to think it's just pc gamers, but it's not true, obviously.

GeraltofRivia1569d ago

I am not aware of death threats being common with PC gamers or as sh*theads like you would like to call them "PC fanboys." Occasionally I like to be enlightened by the almighty console only superior race, so please let me know, what makes someone a pc fanboy?

Paulie_gualtieri1569d ago

Look at your comment history if you want see what a PC fanboy is.

A deep sense of entitlement, massive insecurity issues, the need to validate ones own preference by boasts, bitter jealously stemmed from nonacceptance by general gaming media coverage.

Just some of the traits of rabid PC fanboys - not to be confused with the average happy go lucky PC gamer, mind you.

starchild1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

@ Paulie_gualtieri

As opposed to you? All your comments are Sony fanboy drivel...attacking the PC and Xbox platforms.

The fact is, all kinds of fanboys are jumping on the hate-Oculus bandwagon. On a lot of game sites I frequent there are well-known Sony fanboys bashing the hell out of Oculus and it's obvious they just took this commotion as an oportunity to bash the Oculus Rift because they favor Sony's headset and see the Rift as a strong competitor.

There are lots of PC gamers like myself who haven't bashed Oculus at all and actually think the Facebook acquisition is a good thing for the future of the Rift.

ArbitorChief1569d ago

Ironic when console fanboys sent death threats to the CoD developers over a damn patch. Sounds like Playstation/Xbox fanboys to me if we go by past behavior.

GeraltofRivia1569d ago

Warning: Stating facts to a console only fanboy usually leads to a mindless reaction.

Paulie_gualtieri1569d ago

As opposed to the kind comments left by PC guys at WOW, DOTA, LoL, Diablo etc, updates that screw things up? Give me a break.

Don't get me started on past behavior.

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