Dragon Age 2 Retrospective Review

Continue Play: "When people say that Dragon Age 2 is more closely aligned with Mass Effect than Dragon Age: Origins, I agree. Beyond the conversation wheel, Dragon Age 2 borrows a lot of narrative cues from Bioware’s cold sci-fi trilogy, even if at first a lot of people don’t recognize the similarities. It’s a game that allows you to import your choices from the first game, yet those choices only create a sense of ownership, not agency."

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cleft51543d ago

DA2 had problems but I really enjoyed what there was of this game. The problem for me was the one central location thing and how abrupt the third act ended. Other than that I did like the characters and the dialogue. I get why people had problems with the game and I completely respect that because the game was rushed and very different from DA1.

anticlimax1543d ago

I feel like people get too hung up on the reused locations deal. In the end, to me, it's only one thing in the list of:
- fast combat, effectively turning it into an arpg
- couldn't properly gear your partymembers
- the idea of three distinct acts was interesting, but didn't work for me either, it didn't feel like one story
- your actions and choices did not actually influence the outcome that much

Add massively hyped expectations to that and well, we all know the outcome. When Bioware makes a game, you expect something great, not something that is quite okay if you can overlook its faults.

NeoTribe1543d ago

Gonna wait for reviews before picking this one up. They burned me with the garbage that was dragon age 2.

Sketchy_Galore1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

If you didn't like Dragon age 2 I wouldn't recommend picking this one up. It's quite similar.

ps. Sorry for the snark, couldn't help myself,

Sketchy_Galore1543d ago

I'm on the verge of buying either this or the Awakening DLC. I loved Dragon age: Origins, mostly for the incredible writing, characters, and freedom of choice, I've heard so many awful things about this game, about how simplified and dumbed down the combat and inventory management is and about how it takes place entirely in one city but I suspect I could handle that if the writing and freedom of choice was anywhere near as good as the original.

Awakening on the other hand, I have heard is basically just more Origins in terms of gameplay but has far duller and less interesting writing and characters. Plus I'm happy with how my character's story ended so I would be creating a new character for it anyway. I just recently have a real urge to play a good choicey fantasy RPG and nothing from the Skyrim add-ons to any other fantasy game look like they will scratch that itch like a Dragon age game would.

anticlimax1543d ago

I've got both, and I'd say buy Awakening. More of the same isn't always a bad thing. Of course, since both will probably be relatively cheap these days, you could just buy both. That way, you get your savegames in order for DA:I.

(Also, there are plenty of oldschool rpg's worth playing, if you can stand some buggy mechanics and dated graphics)

Sketchy_Galore1543d ago

Thanks for the advice. I was leaning more toward Awakening and now I will definitely go for it.