Facebook could become a major player in the gaming market

Facebook shocked the gaming world when it announced its plans to purchase Oculus VR, Inc. Many analyst have stated that Facebook plans to compete with Google Glass in the gadget market. Yet many have overlooked the possibility of Facebook wanting to acquire a stronger foothold in the gaming market by competing with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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stanr1601d ago

A lot of people are worried that Facebook would turn the Oculus into a Google Glass. However I thinks its more accurate to say that Zukerberg wants to compete with the big three.

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andrewsqual1600d ago

Will fix
Yet again, Facebook could become a major player in the gaming market.

Haven't we been here a dozen times already?

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xc7x1601d ago

"could" but won't,ever

Remy_S1601d ago

For the love of God no.

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