Kingdom Hearts 3 – Check Out These 4 Expected New Abilities And Skills For Sora

ACFRADIO.COM Ok so we know you are excited for Kingdom Hearts new release. Most importantly you are anticipating the new worlds and characters that will be appearing in KH3 right. As a Kingdom Hearts fan there are a couple of things that I wish they change about the game itself that will make more interesting. The past game have been nothing but fillers and repetition. Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in development. What you saw in the trailer it is subject to change and Square Enix is still listening to their fans. Oh yeah.

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ninsigma1389d ago

So excited for this game! :D
Not a fan of the Disney ride summoning though :/

Omar911389d ago

yea same, it doesn't seem interesting at the moment. Maybe once they show more ride summons it'll change my opinion.

levian1389d ago

I have a feeling it was just for that specific fight, it seems too scripted to be something you could just whip out at any time

elninels1389d ago

If I remember correctly Nomura stated that the video we were shown of sora fighting on the ride was made specifically for the D23 Expo.

I don't believe we should worry too much.

ninsigma1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I sure hope it's something like fight specific. For me it takes away from what KH is by throwing Disney theme park rides, but then again we haven't been shown too much so I could be wrong! Just hope the game finishes the story well :D

Just found this;
"Nomura explained that this Attraction Flow can be selected depending on the location or enemy"

LAWSON721389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I really hope that train crap was just a demonstration, because I think in the final game it would be stupid. It made that titan (whatever they call them in Hercules) seem like an on rails boss battle, which are garbage. I am excited but Square these days like to experiment and I cant help but feel a little worried. At least it is being made by BBS team, because they did a great job and so far for the most part it looks fantastic so far.

It would be badass if Sora gets a new drive or something that is related to that armor.

alexg5871389d ago

Cant wait for this game!!! Also looking foward to kh2.5 this summer

elninels1389d ago

That will be my first chance to play BBS. Aaahhwww yeah

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Idk why the hell they are only porting it to PS3. Should've been ported to PS4 too. I tell ya these lazy ass developers these days.

OT: I'm hyped for KH3, I've never played one but I remember my cousin getting it for PS2 when we were little and he played it all day. I thought it was so stupid, but now I appreciate it. And I want to get kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance for Nintendo 3DS, but its really rare you can't buy it in stores anymore and a new copy on Amazon or EBay is 60-70 dollars. And I really want to play KH1 and KH2 but I don't have a PS2 anymore and my PS3 is broke.

Taislin1389d ago

"The past game have been nothing but fillers and repetition". Stopped reading there. If anyone thinks DDD or BBS were filler, than they know less than nothing about KH. Even the gameplay changed immensely from KH2 to BBS to DDD.

Irishguy951389d ago

BBS was the best KH as far as i'm concerned, although I never played DDD