Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition – When killing 53,595 zombies is still not enough (from @IM_PLAYIN)

IM PLAYIN takes a look at Dead Nation on the PS4

"I love playing Dead Nation: Apocolypse Edition, I will just put it out there. I’m not gonna deny it and haters can hate (not that any should for this beauty of a game). After playing Housemarque’s previous freebie title in the earlier days of the PS4, ‘ResoGun’, I always thought that whatever they did next was going to do well, and not only that but it will be a little different too. Well, I think they have done just that. With the Zombie game market feeling a little saturated with what has already been done, being new and innovative is no easy feat"

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fei-hung1601d ago

Loved this on my ps3 and living it more on the ps4. Awesome use of the controller speaker!

MasterofMagnetism1601d ago

One of my favorite PSN games. Still hoping for a sequel.

AnEwGuY1601d ago

I got this free last month with PS+, but I just couldn't get into it. After playing through Dead Island several times, and Dead Rising 3 now twice, I expect more from zombie games. Can't wait for Dying Light.