Grand Theft Auto IV - GTA V's North Yankton Converted To IV (Ludendorff MOD)

This mod will be appreciated by all those who wanted to explore Ludendorff in GTA V. In case you were unaware of, the exploration of the town was considerably restricted in GTA V, not allowing the player to follow any paths other than the main road. Well, that's about to change with this mod.

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LKHGFDSA1571d ago

You can explore the whole map in GTA V, if you load the mission that uses it, then quit it, the map will be in the sky and you can fly to it and explore.
it even works for online. (I think you could glitch out of the boundaries in the mission aswell)

Always interesting to see these kinds of mods though.

lets_go_gunners1571d ago

Pc release can't come soon enough. However I did spoil it for myself..:P

RE_L_MAYER1570d ago

they fixed north yankton glitch long time ago you cant do it anymore