Top 10 Greatest Zombie Games

"If the raging success of The Walking Dead across three different entertainment mediums is any indication, these shuffling sweethearts have never been more popular. No medium has felt the boom more than video games have, with zombies seemingly appearing in every other game. Despite a few stinkers, though, zombies have provided fodder for some truly exceptional games.

Here are the ten best." - Velox

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gigoran1422d ago

Zombie U? Seriously? Hahahahaha
This has to be a joke. I can think of a dozen games that deserve a place in a top 10 list of zombies games instead of that disasterpiece.

badboy7761422d ago

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

gigoran1422d ago

Exactly. And that shows how terrible zombie u is when something made decades ago can outshine a "next gen" release.

justSumDood1421d ago

Loved Zombi U. Played through it many times (each experience improving over the last.)
Dead Rising should be there to represent the franchise. DR2 elevated series with the combo weapon system and much improved AI, but nothing can capture the magic of the first game.

But seriously...

Where is Dead Island?
Resident Evil 5 (zombie is an ambiguous word) should also be on the list.
And The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (those who HAVE NOT played it need not reply) at least deserves an honorable mention.

Scrivlar1422d ago

No Resident Evil? Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but....Maybe you shouldn't be.

Matt6661422d ago

Yea Resident Evil 1-CVx should be on the list

Studio-YaMi1422d ago

He also added Dead Space 2 to the list which ISN'T a Zombie game,Necromorphs are NOT zombies.

Other than that and the obvious laughing stock that is "Zombie U",the list was ok,I would add Dead Nation instead of Zombie U & Resident Evil instead of Dead Space 2.

WeAreLegion1422d ago

One game per page? Lol. Nope. Not reading that.

SolidGear31422d ago

Where the hell is RE2 ?! :(

plaZeHD1422d ago

The Walking Dead is better than Undead Nightmare.

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The story is too old to be commented.