The Score: If Nintendo Had Cross Buy, Would It Sell Games/Hardware?

"We also ask for your thoughts on the possibility of Nintendo implementing Cross Buy across its 3DS and Wii U. Would this feature sell games, and more importantly, would it sell hardware?" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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randomass1711576d ago

A lot of gamers would be enticed for sure, but I don't think Nintendo would market and communicate it properly so it wouldn't make a huge splash.

RPG_Lover1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Cross buy isnt helping Sony games sell any better (down 50% in 2013) or vita so why would it help Nintendo and the Wii U? Nintendo is already number 1 in software sold for the last 10 years running including 2013 and that is not helping Wii U sales.

Cross buy is a nice feature

DigitalRaptor1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

It's not as simple as a "yes" or a "no".

It's all about the bigger picture over an extended period of time, of providing unparalleled value. Consumers pick up on that. It's part of the reason PS4 is flying off the shelves. That value was there and was perceived from the offset. All these things add up and Sony is doing a phenomenal job of providing the best value.

Cross-buy probably didn't occur to Nintendo because they are always doing things their own way, and exists in their own separate branch of this industry. I wouldn't say no to that kind of deal for eShop purchases on both Wii U and 3DS, and since it exists in nature on Sony and PC platforms, it seems to be the way in which the industry is going.

In the long-term it may be worth them adopting such a scheme.

RPG_Lover1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Sorry but that does not make sense.

If something isnt selling, that means consumers in general do not see it as "unparalleled value"

PS4 is doing well in Western regions, lagging in others (Wii U and PS4 are stinking it up in Japan). Vita is last place globally. Sony First Party Software sales are down big time which has lead to studio reorganizations, game cancellations, employees leaving to other ventures, ect.

I do not think Nintendo is doing a good job either with Wii U although I still like both Wii U and PS4.

The Point is Cross Buy does not move systems. Software does, amazingly exclusive software. Things Sony and Nintendo both need more of for their systems.

Software is coming for both Wii U and PS4/Vita/3DS so I am not really concerned about Nintendo or Sony.

DigitalRaptor1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I agree with your points, but that's why I mention "long-term". It's something consumers appreciate in the long-term, and like I said, that is the way the industry is going.

Valve offers Steam-Play. Sony offers Cross-Buy.

If Sony removed Cross-Buy from their point of sale, it would do more harm than good, as they've forged that value, and people will notice value when it's taken away from them. That is what I meant by looking at the bigger picture.

Geekman1576d ago

Maybe. That's all I can say on this topic.

wls10121576d ago

yes, it would for me.....and making us pay for games we already bought sucks.

Summons751576d ago

Cross buy is a Perk NOT a selling point.

It didn't help the vita that much but then again the vita doesn't have more than a handful a quality games.

It makes sense that if 2 games are coming out on sibling systems and they are meant to interact that you should be getting it's sibling version too. Playstation AllStars Battle Royale was great for the cross buy so you can pick it up and then go. Smash Bros WiiU/3DS is the same . I am going to buy SB on the WiiU because that's how it's always been meant to play, I don't see the 3DS version selling all that well because people don't want to pay twice for the same game.

Sonic Lost Worlds is a good example too. All the time the game tells me to get the 3DS version so the two can play together, except I already bought the game once I don't want to pay more money to access things I should be able to access from the get-go. Lots Worlds would be a perfect cross buy title.

Unfortunately for the VIta, I think it was too little too late. The Targets and Best Buys in my area have every Vita game in the clearance bin and are using it's previous section for the Ps4 section.

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