Watch_Dogs' Latest Trailer Is PS4 Dev Kit Footage; More Information Shared on Gameplay and Physics

A couple days ago a new trailer for Watch_Dogs titled "Welcome to Chicago" was released, and today Creative Director Jonathan Morin confirmed on Twitter that the video is footage coming from a PS4 Devkit, also sharing new details on gameplay and physics.

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Meltic1482d ago

knew it. So many NPC's at one screen cant be last gen so it was ps4 or x1

donman11482d ago ShowReplies(25)
Lior1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

devs clearly trying to sell the game to console players, it doesn't look nearly as good as the E3 2012 demo which was on PC, the trailer that was just shown looks a little plain in terms of effects so hopefully the pc can take full advantage of this, also getting a 4K monitor in early may so should be good maxed out at 4k with 60fps hopefully with GTX 780 SLI

ProjectVulcan1482d ago

The game looks good on the new consoles, but I too can't help feel it doesn't really match what was shown 2 years ago visually.

Lets just hope the gameplay is top notch- I'm due another open world fix 6 months after GTA5

Qrphe1482d ago

>on PC

The workstations developers have access to can't be compared at all to consumer rigs.

starchild1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Yeah, it's disappointing that we haven't seen graphics like the E3 2012 demo since then. It looked amazing. Hopefully the PC version still looks as good as that just as Ubisoft has claimed.

But I do think PART of the reason the E3 2012 demo looked so good is the fact that:

1. It was set at night during rainy/foggy conditions.

2. A lot of it contained set piece moments.

On the other hand, there was a clear use of post process effects and high quality anti-aliasing that we haven't seen since. Also the physics system was definitely showed off much more in that first video.

I haven't seen any signs of a downgrade between last year's PS4 footage and the recent footage, though, so that's good.

Until we see like for like scenes it will be hard to determine just exactly what kind of a difference we are looking at. Here's to hoping for the best.

ITPython1482d ago

Watching that trailer definitely rejuvenated my hype for the game. Although visually it appears to be only slightly better looking than GTA5, and comes nowhere close to Infamous:SS.

Still, it looks good enough and the entire concept of the game is quite thrilling.

trancefreak1482d ago

This game looks sick and very interesting. Hopefully it turns out to be something special and unique.

CapellPro851482d ago

Finally a comment that I can like and reply to instead of the rubbish at the top. Looks amazing. Some of the stuff Morin has said on twitter this game is going to be a world that feels like real life. And so much to do.

trancefreak1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

-Thanks capell.
I have had my eye on this game since it was introduced and It feels deep.I believe if it is actually a story driven, action packed, futuristic hacking capable game and it down comes to this.

-THE ROAD NOT TAKEN. Although not exactly linear in nature; The interactiveness of in game objects, people, hackable items can make each area of play unique and a much deeper experience.

DC7771481d ago

Kind of disappointing then because beyond the smoke and reflections it just looks like GTA.

BattleTorn1481d ago

The smoke does look damn pretty though

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Eonjay1482d ago

I think it looks great. In reference to the trailer, they show dozens of individuals in any given location and say that you can hack into the lives of anyone you see. That is impressive. Will there be a trophy for hacking everyone. Is that even an achievable task?

matrixman921482d ago

lol whats with the disagrees. I thought that was an interesting point they made as well. They even showed you spying on someone doing random things and having a girl tied up. I doubt all of them will be as in depth, but im wondering if every NPC has footage like that, that you can spy on and stuff...that would be insane. Then if they are doing something bad, you can find them and stop them. Im cautious about how many NPC's will be clones of each other.

jay21482d ago

yeah it does. maybe there's 3000 different NPC models so we'll see.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1482d ago

They said that there are 5000 different NPC "stories" will take some time

heisenberguk1482d ago

You'd never progress anywhere, still be stood there when Watch Dogs 2 comes out!!

Ratty1482d ago

It looks like an amazing game. I can't wait.

candy_mafia1482d ago

PS4 Watchdogs looking awesome!

I love open world games and this more than makes up for the lack of GTA V, which I'm hoping is a thing real soon :)

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1482d ago

GTA 5 was a great game but it didnt feel 100% finished...It had many bugs and problems , and about the online and the DLC's...they just act like they dont care any more...I don't know what they have in mind but after completing the game two times I don't think that I would play it again , even if they released a good DLC....About the watch dogs the game looks too good to be true , but I believe in UBISOFT..It has depth , a good storyline , and a big city to explore...litteraly..Too bad I can play it only on my ps3 :(

candy_mafia1481d ago

No matter how long it takes, I would totally like you to save up for a PS4 so you can be part of the amazing community.

I've made tons of cool friends just through 'Playroom' & '[email protected]'.

I don't know your financial situation, and PS3 is still great!...but hurry and experience PS4 :)

jc485731482d ago

wonder if this is one of the reasons why they delayed it just to mess around with PS4.

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