Are Video Game Re-Releases the Death of Creativity?

With the recent reveal of The Last of Us coming to PlayStation 4, Stephen questions whether video game re-releases are a sign of dying creativity.

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xboxpete1392d ago

It is disappointing that companies are doing this and it makes choosing the right game for the right console that bit harder.

Most appreciate that the Last of Us is a masterpiece on Playstation 3, so why then tamper with it? Ok i know Tomb Raider sold well on re release however not every remake works, isn't that right Duke?

clide881392d ago

It does almost make me regret buying the game for the less powerful system...just not enough to buy it again.

B1uBurneR1392d ago

I was going to hold off on GTA5 with the rumor that'll come out on next Gen. But ended up buying it at discounted price of $40 other than that I would've waited. I have a X1. But waiting on a decent bundle from Sony for PS4 to play Last of Us. I don't think remakes are bad this early on of recent games. Now say we 2 years into next Gen with remakes of last gen game coming out. . Then I'll be worried about lack of creativity.

clide881391d ago

I was judging by how the PS3 went, with remakes continuing throughout its life cycle. That's why I'm worried. It may not happen the same way, though.

deathtok1391d ago

No... this has been going on since the inception of home consoles. Arcade ports, variance in graphics between consoles (quite a few in the 8-bit/16-bit era) and what is happening here is no different.

dcj05241391d ago

Nah. Just some quick money to fuel development of other games.

Hicken1391d ago

If these games were taking the place of creative games, then I could agree. But that's not what's going on, so the answer is no.