Lockpicking in Games; Breaking and Entering Realism

When it comes to the whole subtlety thing in video games, I find that lock picking is sometimes the most…uninteresting part of the game. Some titles have surprised me, like Thief (we’ll cover that later), but all in all I find myself looking at the lock picking mini games thinking “this could be better” or “why did they waste money making this”. Examples of great lock picking mini games are the ones found in Oblivion, Thief, or Risen 2.

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Bigpappy1693d ago

Lock picking , when done right, ads a layer of reward and accomplishment to the game, if it fits with the theme. In RPG's like skyrim, it sells you the idea, that you are going into a place where you would not be welcomed, or where there may be something of value. In games like SplinterCell . You were always going into place where the only way to get access was to brake in. That is what you are there to do. So realism is not the best word to use, as I still done believe I can pick locks, immersive would be a much better word choice.

Lukecobham1693d ago

I will keep that in mind, thank you for the constructive critique :)

Bigpappy1693d ago

I respect you for taking it as I intended.