Why Gamers Aren't "Entitled"

gamrReview's Daniel Carreras: "When mainstream media or journalists online call you an entitled brat for complaining about a buy-out (like the recent Oculus Rift Facebook buy-out controversy), remember this: that game or company you love is as much a part of your past and history as it is theirs - voice your concern, and don’t ever let someone put you down for loving the hobby you choose to participate in, because if it wasn’t for you, these games wouldn’t exist."

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NYC_Gamer1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

I feel gamers have a responsibility to call out shady practices within the industry they support..It's crazy because journalist are supposed to be the first ones to report on the shady dealings but instead they are too busy being worried about ad space/exclusive review/previews/free swag.

randomass1711517d ago

Classic example of entitlement: Ducktales Remastered HD had to be patched because people were angry about having to press a button to skip cutscenes that pay homage to the old cartoon. Gamers complaining can lead to great things but it can also be really stupid.

Godmars2901517d ago

By those same complaints the cutscenes were very frequent and interrupted gameplay. Where done the way they originally were because so much had been gone through to get the TV show's cast, but it was still a game. no one wants to play a game going through the exact same interruptions every time.

Godmars2901517d ago

Consumers are entitled to receive a full product for a fully indicated price. Trouble is, gaming is moving towards business models involving services. Incomplete products they still feel entitled to both a full and ongoing price for.

randomass1711517d ago

I get the complaints about the gameplay interruptions, but that's what the option to skip the cutscenes is there for. Instead of just quickly pressing the start button, resources had to be wasted to create a needless patch that didn't really benefit the game in any way other than providing a mode that omits the cutscenes altogether. First world problems if you ask me.

Godmars2901517d ago

By resources do you mean extra money to correct a basically ego fueled issue?

Don't get me wrong, Capcom went out of their way to fix what was only a minor issue, its just the issue itself was a bad example of gamer entitlement.

A good one would be the current mess with the VR and Facebook, since some of its devs are now getting death threats.

All that Kickstarter did was let them buy a headset ASAP. And yet somehow now that the company who made it has taken off, will have access to more resources to improve a product which gamers got the 1st gen version of, they're somehow entitled to determine what direction the overall project goes. That's BS.