Conception II Preview - That's Not How You Make Babies [Twinfinite]

Twinfinite takes a look at Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars.

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PoSTedUP1569d ago

the vita demo is way longer and more indepth, even with good anime cut scenes and i noticed more voice acting and different dialogue. the 3ds demo is "nintendoized" and seems dumbed down. im over two hous into the vita demo.

i like it, its awesome. lots of persona elements. but can get confusing bc there is so much stuff to know. my cognitive function was through the roof reading everything they were throwing at me. i love a challenge tho. im buying it for sure.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

nope. 3DS demo was a gameplay tutorial.
Vita demo was the prologue Chapter 1. I beat both demo.

PoSTedUP1569d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

....oh, ok. yeah, so shorter. and they were both different from eachother.

nope1111569d ago

It was an interesting demo, but something about the game bugged me.. Not quite sure what it was though.

gano1569d ago

I'll def be buying it.
Tho storks don't bring babies!?
Wth man!