‘Dark Souls 2,’ ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ and more discounted

A set of 2014 role-playing releases have been discounted by an online retailer.

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LAWSON721570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The FFXIII and Symphonia price look good but dont have the cash right now. :(
As for DkS2 I am going to get the collectors edition for PC, and even though it is awesome I am not spending $170 on one game. I rented it and now all I want to do is play it. I thought it would cure my hunger but it just made me want to play it more, at least I got pretty much to the end so no spoilers at least

sdozzo1570d ago

End of April can't come soon enough!

Drithe1570d ago

29.99 for Tales. But you have to pay an extra 10 bucks, with taxes included, to get it shipped. Better off just going to Gamestop.

youndamie1570d ago

Thats why I do all of my game shopping on with Amazon Prime. 7.99 a month for free two day shipping :)

Drithe1569d ago

Sorry. Im not paying 7.99 a month when I only buy a game every now and then. I used to buy tons of stuff from Amazon all the time. But since they are scamming peeps with Prime, think I will just stop buying from them.

youndamie1569d ago

I don't mean to sound like a spokesman but prime is still a great deal at 99/year. You also get access to their instant streaming videos, free two day shipping(3.99 for next day) If you buy more then 10 items a year prime pays for itself.

Master-H1570d ago

Dark Souls II is so worth the full price, the game is massive, and awesome.

Brazz1570d ago

playing this shit at crazy levels! stoped to play a bit of titanfall, but than i came back for Darksouls II! For real, right now this is hands down the best game of 2014!

Myst1570d ago

These prices would be good if I wasn't holding onto my money due to getting a PS4 next week :(