Retro Gaming Magazine Issue #2 Information

Retro Gaming Magazine has just released the cover of issue #2 along with information on what readers can expect. Some of the content includes:

Fan translations we will be featuring in this issue include:

Dynamite Headdy (Sega Genesis)
Front Mission (Super Nintendo)
Lady Sword (Turbo Grafx-16)
Metal Gear 1 & 2 (MSX)
Royal Stone (Sega Game Gear)
Sweet Home (Nintendo NES)

Digital Comics to be featured:
Akira (Nintendo NES)
Bubblegum Crash (Turbo Grafx-16)
Jesus (Nintendo NES)
Policenauts (Sony Playstation)
Radical Dreamers (Super Nintendo)
Snatcher (MSX2)

Also, a look at the Sharp X68000 gaming computer that never left Japan.

100% retro.

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xboxpete1451d ago

great cover really worth the wait for this issue

triverse1450d ago

Thanks, we have received a lot of positive response on this cover so far. Hopefully sales will follow. Either way, the PDF will be free.

Themba761451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

yea im making a retro gaming magazine myself for my college project my share a link of it when im done gonna have retro reviews and collecting tips and more.

triverse1451d ago

Shoot me a link to it when you are done. I may feature it on RGM in our "Reading Digital" column. This is a column I was doing on another site I own but figure it would get some good reaction from fans introducing them to more great gaming magazines.

SolidGear31451d ago

I knew that was Gillian Seed. Check my avatar :D

triverse1451d ago

Glad people are recognizing the cover. Just shows the depth of interest in Snatcher and proof of how cool it is.