Watch_Dogs Won't Have Microtransactions; Story Will "Explore" Mature Themes; More info Shared

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is approaching its release date very fast, and today Creative Director Jonathan Morin gave some more information about the game and its features.

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ZodTheRipper1277d ago

I like all the recent positive news about this and since they moved the game into a period where almost no competition exists I'm naturally interested. I really hope they can keep all their promises and give us a living city with lots of interaction possibilities.

GarrusVakarian1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I'm hoping for a living city too, the most recent trailer showed lots of NPC variety and authenticity, it reminded me of a Chicago version of 'The Wire'.

Hopefully the final game is really like that. That trailer made me hyped again.


Nice to know. Gotta say, im jealous that you got to play it :p

Abriael1277d ago

When I tried it at Gamescom, the city definitely felt alive, and since then I'm quite sure they improved it further. It did feel more alive than in most open world games because you could actually do something with all the NPCs, not just bump on them or shoot em.

Wish they made a game in which you can actually talk with them... Yeah I know, pipe dream.

PoSTedUP1277d ago

yeah that last trailer deff got me more hyped for the game, "chicaaago" should be epic, i read that when it rains the peds take cover and avoid it.

abriael, have you played scarface? that was a good open world where you could talk and interact with peds. wish they made a nextgen open world where you could do that. or another scarface.

Linkz9731277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Cannot wait for this game, I am so going to do a playthourgh on my youtube channel youtube com/link973 yes i know shameless plug but this game is going to be epic

Heisenburger1277d ago

And I am sooo not gonna watch it. Lol Don't take it to heart, but that self-promotion you just did opened yourself to far worse.

Ye be warned.

Neixus1277d ago

Hopefully they won't explore ''mature themes'' just for the sake of it.

CrossingEden1277d ago

I agree, I seriously hope it's not like GZ where "controversial" stuff was put into the plot just because they would be considered controversial by the gaming community. That's the complete opposite of how you explore mature themes, in other words, it was shoehorned in. Ubisoft has some pretty competent writers so i'm not really worried.

Kyosuke_Sanada1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

In the defense of Metal Gear, its the conversion of Big Boss from a hero to a villain. Of course controversial stuff is going to be needed for this because anything less wouldn't make a normal person go the distance besides its war.......

SnotyTheRocket1276d ago

Chico's tapes were pretty disturbing, but they got me to legitimately hate Skullface.

bienio1277d ago

Cannot wait for this game!! My Pc is ready come on May!! Its only 2months😉

stragomccloud1277d ago

I hate when developers throw around the word "mature." They're only doing it to entice the coveted middle school boy demographic.

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