The Wii U is Nintendo’s most indie-friendly console yet

Wii U Daily: "Since Nintendo has loosened the restrictions on becoming an indie developer, we’ve seen a flood of people interesting in bringing their games to the console."

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capitanandi1396d ago

Totally. It's great news for Nintendo, indie devs, and the players. Everyone wins!

LOL_WUT1396d ago

Not sure if your serious or not but I'd rather have more 3rd party support than a bunch of indie games. It's not a win until Nintendo gains more support from more devs. ;)

Metallox1396d ago

Do you know that third party support it's dead on Wii U? It's irreversible, there's no way that we can get those games again. Wait until the next home console ;)

3-4-51396d ago

EVERYBODY would rather have more 3rd party support Lol_, but that isn't the reality right now.

The reality is that both PS4 & Wii U are getting a pretty good amount of indie games.

Some of those indie games are going to be really good games.

ChickeyCantor1396d ago

" I'd rather have more 3rd party support "

You have no idea what those terms mean, do you ?

randomass1711396d ago

Indie support IS third party support. What's so hard to grasp about that?

jcnba281396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

"I'd rather have more 3rd party support than a bunch of indie games."

Does that opinion also apply to the PS4 then? Yeah, didn't think so ;)

Dunban671396d ago

I think everyone knows what LOL_WUT#1.1 means

Why are so many of you playing dumb?

Indy support is great- but we have few 1st party games and virtually no retail 3rd party support- It is one of the main reasons among several tat the Wii U is selling at historically poor rates- we have some good games but a very shallow library with little diversity

Nintendo is playing nice w Indy s because they have little else

When are all these indy games getting here- I have bought a couple close to launch 1 recently

lilbroRx1394d ago

Indie developers are third parties.

lol_fail ;)

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maniacmayhem1396d ago

It really is, more and more indies are putting their games on the WiiU.

It's a shame this site doesn't recognize or care about this obvious fact.

Are_The_MaDNess1396d ago

not to mention its THE place for nostalgia aswell :D

R00bot1396d ago

Oh man, so much nostalgia playing Wind Waker and 3D World. Also, all those Virtual Console games!
Planning on buying Super Mario Kart, it's basically a free game if you also buy Mario Kart 8 when it comes out. (you save the same amount off Mario Kart 8 for buying Super Mario Kart as you spent on it)

Are_The_MaDNess1396d ago

well nostalgia is the only reason i was a Wii U right now XD god damn Zelda Windwaker and Mario XD
i know i can play my windwaker on my PC..... but its buggy in the damn firetemple and just ruins it for me XD

im one of those guys that will get a Wii U just for my Zelda Fix and will be happy for it.
playing ocarina of time on the gamepad while in bed with a headset? Suuuuure :3

GordonKnight1395d ago

The gamepad is great to play most indies games and is perfect for all the retro Nintendo games.

lilbroRx1394d ago

I've never bought anything from Nitnendo based on nostalgia.

I buy Nintendo products for the exact opposite reason.

Evertime I get something from Nintendo, its creative and original. I can't get that from Sony and Microsoft.

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curtis921396d ago

Same with ps4 for Sony. Same with Xb1 for MS. Not really breaking new ground there.

Are_The_MaDNess1396d ago

yet Steam have loads more indie games released every month that both of them combined.

Hicken1395d ago

Steam isn't a console, so how is it relevant?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1396d ago

they an article where you can go nuts about it on ps4 and xbone.

We don't need off topic comments

GordonKnight1395d ago

The big difference is the gamepad. Most indie games I would rather play on my gamepad then my flat screen.

With a lot of big name Devs going to the indie scene it's great for Nintendo. Most indie games aren't powerhouses when it comes to graphics. This takes the high power advantage of PS4 away.

The indie scene is going to continue to bigger as AAA titles will continue to get smaller.

Games are just becoming too expensive to make these days.

Drithe1396d ago

If Nintendo puts every single game from the handhelds, ESPECIALLY RPGS, they ever made on their new Wii U Online program, I will buy every single one.

I would DIE to play all those Dragon Quest games on the large screen.

I personally don't see why Nintendo and other companies don't put all their old games on site. I mean, can you imagine playing all the old Sega Saturn RPGS on the Wii U?

Holy Cow.

Wni01396d ago

yeah! and still 500 years behind the microsofts and sony fun

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I'm pretty sure the Wii U will get much more indies then the bone. We can bet on that. Indie devs don't go crawling to m$ like they do with Sony/Nintendo.

OT:Nintendo and Sony are really going all out on this indie movement. Its good to have a relationship with indie developers. Some of them might turn out to be the next great studios.

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