What can Nintendo do to ensure the virtual console is a success?

Wii U Daily: "If I have 5 bucks to spend, am I going to put it towards a game that’s old, dated, didn’t age well, and isn’t optimized for this system, or am I going to put it towards a new fleshed out Wii U game?"

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randomass1711569d ago

"If I have 5 bucks to spend, am I going to put it towards a game that’s old, dated, didn’t age well, and isn’t optimized for this system, or am I going to put it towards a new fleshed out Wii U game?"

Umm, not optimized? I've never played a Virtual Console game on my Wii or 3DS that didn't run almost identically to how it did on the original platform. $5 isn't really a big asking price for any game at this point. Most old cartridges and discs go for a lot more than that on eBay.

Whymii1569d ago

1. Drop the prices by half. Failing that make subsequent purchases cheaper on the same transaction eg 3 for the price of 2
2. Dramatically increase release rate. No more of this 1 or 2 per week lark. Get real and offer consumers a choice.
3. More console types now. Give us DS, GameCube and wii today not sometime in the future.

I like virtual console and see it as a real strength of the system, but it's being seriously wasted at the moment.

That's my 2 cents worth, or $4.99 on virtual console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1569d ago

The prices of these games aren't that much different from other virtual offerings so I don't see the point in lowering them. Especially the truly great ones like Metroid Fusion.

Lukejrl1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I pay 5.99 for psone classics. They want 7.99 for snes roms that can run perfectly with tons of options on pc for free. Yes I want to support virtual console but why pay 4.99 for nes games and almost double for snes? With psone emulation you have to dick around to make it work right. Nintendo, is just a couple clicks.

wonderfulmonkeyman1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

You can get those same PSone "classics" for free on PC too, though, even if it is more difficult to emulate, so that pricing comparison is flawed by design.
Again I state, the pricing isn't that much different, and the games are worth the price they're at.
And considering the Wii U's troubles and the quality of most of the emulations, I'm more than happy to pay for them, especially considering their support of Off-TV play and the efforts they put forth to make them look good on large-size TV's.

ScubaSteve11569d ago

I am not going to buy gba games twice that I got for the ambassador program

Rearden1568d ago

True, some games there seem a bit overpriced.

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Drithe1569d ago

I cant wait for many of these games. I want all the old rpgs from it.

Drithe1569d ago

Whoa! I just seen they want 8 bucks a pop for these GBZ games for Wii U. Screw you Nintendo!!!QQ!

Xof1569d ago

Nintendo's problem is that they've done nothing to incentive or encourage third parties to distribute their older titles via the Virtual Console service.

I don't know the specifics for the WiiU, but for the Wii's virtual console, for example, Nintendo wouldn't let IP-holders get any profit off of digital sales until they reached a certain number. So, for example, if you had a SNES game and you did the work to get it up on the Virtual Console, but it only sold 986 "copies," you'd get zero profit, whereas if it sold 1001 copies you'd get the profit from 1 sale. (If the threshold is 1000).

Couple that with Nintendo's refusal to use a single emulator for all VC games, insisting instead on carefully tailoring the emulation for each specific game, and you can see why most third parties ignore the service entirely, and even those who do make use of it only do so with huge titles they know are going to sell well (like Final Fantasy), and even then, they take their time.

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