Halo 2 Anniversary - What we expect

Videogamedebate writes:

If rumors are true then we could see the next Halo remake at the end of this year. Halo 2 came top of our Top 5 Xbox Live games of all time and with good reason, because no other game has come close to emulating what it did for online gaming. Lessons can be learnt from the mediocre sales of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, no mistakes can be made with the multiplayer like there was in that remake. Here’s what 343 needs to do to bring in sales and keep the fans happy.

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ArbitorChief1517d ago

Give me the real Halo 2 ending Microsoft, I wantz et nao!

3-4-51516d ago

I gad my time with Halo 2 and it was amazing.

It was my first Midnight launch for a game ever, was 19 and really into FPS games, so it was perfect for me.

* STill some of the best multiplayer maps ever create in any game ever on any console.

* I just don't comprehend Why they don't have somebody in charge intelligent enough to say " Why don't we look at what we did right with Halo 2 maps, and make them like that? "

^ Why doesn't this person exist within 343 ?

Why must they continue to make the most boring generic amature.

hudsoniscool1517d ago

This just reminded me how awesome halo 2's multi was. The best of the series the best multi for any game ever. If they keep the gameplay the same and have the same ranking system I'll be playing for a long time. I won't even care if they f$&@ up halo 5 cause I'll have this gem.

Vegamyster1517d ago

Keep the same multiplayer and add forge mode, that'd be awesome.

loulou1516d ago

Then put it on azure with choose a data centre like titan we are all good

Septic1516d ago

Keep it the same minus some visual upgrades and better netcode and my bowdeh is readeh!!

pakua1517d ago

Couldn't agree more. It's the best Xbox Live game of all time.

incendy351517d ago

Halo 2 and the original MotoGP were my favorites haha.

candy_mafia1517d ago

Halo 2 AE should look amazing....Halo 2 had best MP according to the fans, so here's to optimism :)

mo2411517d ago

wow this game alone make's me want to buy a xbox one. favorite halo.

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The story is too old to be commented.