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Halo 2 Anniversary - What we expect

Videogamedebate writes:

If rumors are true then we could see the next Halo remake at the end of this year. Halo 2 came top of our Top 5 Xbox Live games of all time and with good reason, because no other game has come close to emulating what it did for online gaming. Lessons can be learnt from the mediocre sales of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, no mistakes can be made with the multiplayer like there was in that remake. Here’s what 343 needs to do to bring in sales and keep the fans happy. (Halo 2, Xbox One)

ArbitorChief  +   393d ago
Give me the real Halo 2 ending Microsoft, I wantz et nao!
3-4-5  +   393d ago
I gad my time with Halo 2 and it was amazing.

It was my first Midnight launch for a game ever, was 19 and really into FPS games, so it was perfect for me.

* STill some of the best multiplayer maps ever create in any game ever on any console.

* I just don't comprehend Why they don't have somebody in charge intelligent enough to say " Why don't we look at what we did right with Halo 2 maps, and make them like that? "

^ Why doesn't this person exist within 343 ?

Why must they continue to make the most boring generic amature.
hudsoniscool  +   393d ago
This just reminded me how awesome halo 2's multi was. The best of the series the best multi for any game ever. If they keep the gameplay the same and have the same ranking system I'll be playing for a long time. I won't even care if they f$&@ up halo 5 cause I'll have this gem.
Vegamyster  +   393d ago
Keep the same multiplayer and add forge mode, that'd be awesome.
loulou  +   393d ago
Then put it on azure with choose a data centre like titan fall...band we are all good
Septic  +   393d ago
Keep it the same minus some visual upgrades and better netcode and my bowdeh is readeh!!
pakua  +   393d ago
Couldn't agree more. It's the best Xbox Live game of all time.
incendy35  +   393d ago
Halo 2 and the original MotoGP were my favorites haha.
candy_mafia  +   393d ago
Halo 2 AE should look amazing....Halo 2 had best MP according to the fans, so here's to optimism :)
mo241  +   393d ago
wow this game alone make's me want to buy a xbox one. favorite halo.
Axios2  +   393d ago
Hail to the King baby

Still considered one of THE best multiplayer games of all time
pakua  +   393d ago
Hail to the King was one of the most awesome announcements in Halo if you managed to get one. It was damn hard though
hudsoniscool  +   393d ago
I've had it a few times. It was the best. That's another thing they should keep. The throphy announcer
incendy35  +   393d ago
He makes an interesting point about Party Chat. I love party chat, but it does somewhat remove the social fun of meeting new people. Party chart has become so popular that everyone is just in it now.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   393d ago
I kinda agree. The only problem is that it is not always fun meeting someone new when they choose to act like a complete ass. Situations like that make party chat more attractive for me.
incendy35  +   393d ago
For sure, it is the main reason it was created. Too bad the world can't just rid itself of the trash so we wouldn't have to work around those bad apples.
mhunterjr  +   393d ago
Some 360 games disabled party chat. Halo2 anniversary should be able to do this as well. One of the neat features of halo2 is you could hear the enemy team strategizing if you could sneak close enough to them. On the flip side of that, someone could blow their chances at an assassination if they spoke at the wrong time.

This also made teabagging/ trash talking awesome/awful... The reputation system would definitely get a work out with this, lol

Man I loved this game!
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Takwin  +   393d ago
I have a PS4, WiiU, and PC now, and probably won't ever purchase an Xbox One, but I had the other two Xboxes and remember Halo 2 about as fondly as any game I've ever played. The multiplayer was divine. Game was seriously near-perfect as any game could be.

As for meeting asses online? The real world has lots of assholes, the internet somehow has a higher concentration than the real world. And the multiplayer gaming universe further concentrates them. Thar be assholes everywhere. Headshot them or mute them.
DogtagDuke1992  +   393d ago
Dude, SPOT ON ABOUT THE RANKING SYSTEM. I dont want them to change a THING ABOUT IT. Im so sick of games now-a-days that have progression ranking. It takes away from being COMPETITIVE. Having to work for your rank and having the risk of losing it made every single ranked match REALLY MATTER in Halo 2. I miss that. I hate playing just to slowly rank up and get a piece of armor. Halo Reach and Halo 4 never drove me to WIN WIN WIN. Neither do games like COD or BF because you dont HAVE TO WIN to go up levels. I dont need prizes for ranking up. My high rank is something to be proud of by itself. Nothing was more satisfying than winning matches in Halo 2. They MUST keep the ranking system. They MUST NOT put in loadouts. I HATED LOADOUTS IN HALO 4. I also really want them to keep the CLANS. I freaking loved that feature!!! Oh...and lastly...I dont want ANY of the features like clans and stats to be only accessible on Halo Waypoint. I want to be able to manage my CLAN in the game.
AndrewB2010  +   393d ago
Everything that the writer talked about was spot on. Reading this makes me miss halo 2 and question why the original Halo remake didnt bring back all of the original maps. If 343 managed to remake this game to its original glory I would be playing halo 2 one my xbox one for a looooong time. Their ranking system was one of the best if not the best of any game i have every played. I remember the late nights with selective players trying to push up to 45, 46, 47... never made it to 50 but I wanted it sooo bad. Thinking about the glitches and tricks everyone use to discover also added so much fun to the game. I want this game again!!
pakua  +   393d ago
I was a 44 at my highest. Everyone wanted a moon or a halo ring symbol. Remember when it was first released and it was an achievement to get a 16 and get 'horns'?
AndrewB2010  +   393d ago
lol yes i do remember that.... that was wayyyy early on. I personally loved the eclipse. I remember once I got it I didnt like playing games and potentially losing it... Halo 2 provided the best online fun ever. By far my favorite game.
Tsar4ever  +   393d ago
The word is that Halo2 Anniversary will be built off the Halo4 engine which means the 360 could run it too. I really hope 343 really considers bringing H2 anniversary to the 360 also, maybe as a digi download.
deserteagle21  +   393d ago
i want to see if 343 studios can make an actually new halo game not a anniversary
TheArkatek  +   393d ago
Halo !!! Probably the MOST over rated game I have ever played in my life.
Muadiib  +   392d ago
If they do a remake they better release it with the level from the e3 demo, the campaign was a horrible disappointment but that would be a nice apology.

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