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PSM Italy reviews MGS4 - 10/10

PSM Italy reviews
Metal gear solid 4

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Gameplay: 9,5/10
Longevity: 9,5/10
Technical: 9,5/10
Overall: 10

Positive points: Freedom of action and tactics....
....in realistic and crowded scenarios
Enemies or friends? Decide the IA
Graphics remarkable, sound great.
The final step of a epochal saga
Negative points: More movie than game (Culture, Metal Gear Online, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

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paul_war  +   2653d ago
Don't know what to think about this mag, weren't they the same ones who have 9/10 to HAZE?
mistertwoturbo  +   2653d ago
Yup. So that means MGS4 should have gotten a 14/10 lol
highdro  +   2653d ago
game is gonna be amazing, ...i am not just gonna get hyped over it, after seeing how over hyped gta4 was i better come dwn,....but i am sure this game will be lovely hype or no hype.
gambare  +   2653d ago
yes, they were the same, we better expect reviews from IGN (I have lost the faith in those guys) or gamespot
Sunny_D  +   2652d ago
one thing that mgs has that no other game has is amazing storytelling using long epic cutscenes
sonarus  +   2653d ago
MGS4 fans Waaazaaaaup

clintos59  +   2653d ago
MGS4 ownage all day everyday. Where all the haterz at saying this game was going to suck, hollllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lol. Damn this game is closing in on us but the days feel so slow man, lol. Cant wait to play this game, it is going to rock your undies off, lol.
ice_prophecy  +   2653d ago
I like the Con ^^.

More movie than a game.

Thats a damn right positive for me hahahaha.
conjurdevil  +   2653d ago
AMENNNNNNNN to that MGS 4 more MOVIE than a game sounds EPIC to me!
UJUSTLOSTONE  +   2653d ago
All true Metal Gear Fans Feel this WAY !!!
Watching the cinematic cut scenes is like your reward for getting through a hard ass section in the game.

It also motivates you to whoop some more ass for the next hard gameplay session. I love it. And even better the people who watch me play, like watching the cutscenes more than I do normally.

Kudos Kojima team. GOOD JOB !
ice_prophecy  +   2653d ago
Hahaha I have to agree with you!
radzy  +   2653d ago
"more movie than game" - big negative
whoever wants a movie , rent a movie .
ice_prophecy  +   2653d ago
I apologize if i'm not an action junkie FPS Meat head ok?


I guess thats why I liked Myst and Riven...
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Lord_Ash  +   2653d ago
Your words are words of a wise man, bubbles for you.
juuken  +   2653d ago
SIX  +   2653d ago
Another perfect score!
Unfortunately, this game will not surpass GTA4 in over all highest ratings. Some xbox site is gonna fudge it up that's for sure. However, I think we can all breath easy knowing that this game will deliver. 3 more weeks is way too long.
v1c1ous  +   2653d ago
why would a xbox site review mgs4?
mmajunkie123  +   2653d ago
six this is mgs4 why would xbox site review it? this is ps3 news your justing try to flame gtfo
perils  +   2653d ago
i think what he meant was some site that sucks of microsoft will give it a lower score than deserved. i for one dont believe these sites exist..........;)
SIX  +   2653d ago
@ perils
That's exactly what I meant for lack of a better word. You know it happends. I can name off a bunch of sites but I'm pretty sure you know what those sites are.

@mmajunkie. I'm not trying to flame dude. You will see when the first 1up or Kotaku review comes out. Those aren't xbox sites per say, but they are Biased sites IMO. I'm the biggest MGS fan there is, and it's gonna suck when these sites intentionally bring the score down for no other reason then to downplay Sony exclusives. Who knows, I hope i'm wrong, but I find that in this generation the politics have gotten way out of hand. I want MGS to win, but I'm a little jaded nowadays ya know. There is no more even playing field as far as I'm concerned.

BTW, is that GSP?
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Kami  +   2653d ago
in my opinion was overrated. it was a definite 8.5 - 9.3max but not a 10
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DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl  +   2653d ago
I agree
plus maybe its just me but "G"4 always kraps on ps3 exclusives
bootsielon  +   2653d ago
Bad news for 360 fanboys today, huh?
You must hate so many good PS3 news
Aquanox  +   2653d ago
I'm sure this will be the first PS3 exclusive to score above 90% overall since the console was launched. But it will be more interesting to see non "Playstation Magazine" scores.
3sexty rulzzz  +   2653d ago
get yo whack as out of here,
this is the same mag that gave haze a 9/10. you guys will hype anything just prove to yourselves that something has to warrant your ps3 puchase.
bootsielon  +   2653d ago
Ratchet and Uncharted already got 9.0


Try harder next time, Xbots.

Besides, as long as most press outlets give a game a 9 and above, it is all that matters. Or is 9.0 somehow the cut-off? Sales of PS3 speak otherwise. And that is why people laugh at Xbots. Only Xbots don't know why.

BTW, here is a free reality check for you

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ppp  +   2653d ago
wish this was on xbox 360 shame xbox 360 is crap
LenHart  +   2653d ago
hahha pepeeeeeee
@you neeed 10 DVDs for X360 if you want MGS4

besides x360's HW is not powerful enough to support MGS4
bootsielon  +   2653d ago
So many Good PS3 news today
I am surprised
v1c1ous  +   2653d ago
there's good news everyday
if you follow n4g exclusively, NOBODY has good news
Homicide  +   2653d ago
Yet another perfect score for MGS4. June 12 will be PS3's Independence Day. The Xflop360 will die soon after and the bots will cry night and day.
poos3  +   2653d ago
MGS4 IS pile of crap playued it its gameplay is very last genif you were going to buy a ps3 for this game dont as i was very dispointed in it when i tested it out
ape007  +   2653d ago
this is the ps3
AND THIS IS METAL GEAR SOLID 4(do you hear me snake)
THE_JUDGE  +   2653d ago
Did anyone really expect anything less
than a 10?
Jazzzz  +   2653d ago
Please Refrain From Foaming At The Mouth
Ok... I would slay my firstborn and run over my mother to get my hands on a copy of msg4..

But.. i would not get to excited over a 10 from psm...

I am of the opinion that their credibility to properly review games with a general disregard for HYPE or BIAS is absolute garbage.
v1c1ous  +   2653d ago
what are you talking about?
Haze totally deserved that 9/10 they gave it

EDIT: maybe i should have added a "/sarcasm" line?
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Rock Bottom  +   2653d ago
some one need to calm down.
felidae  +   2653d ago
more movie than game? .. c'mon.
kosha  +   2653d ago
Another great review. Its looking very promising but then who didnt think mgs4 was gonna be good
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2653d ago
Everyday the xbox 360 is looking more & more Generic.
Till this day all Xbutts talk about is gears.

Maybe since Microsoft is just giving money away to people to use their search engine they should just have rrod repairs send people back a PS3 with a apology letter saying; Sorry, we tried.
Kaz Hirai  +   2653d ago
More good news for my Sony Soldiers!
You POOR DIMWITTED PIGS- this is yet ANOTHER masterpiece you miss out on! It doesn't matter though- it's only 3 short weeks until your FLOPbox 360 becomes EXTINCT!

21 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!

Sir Ken Kutaragi  +   2653d ago
'PS3, mi sono innamorato di te, voglio fare l'amore conte' ;-D (The Doctor said it wasn't normal!!!) ;-D
PSM Italy reviews
Metal gear solid 4

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Gameplay: 9,5/10
Longevity: 9,5/10
Technical: 9,5/10
PS3: 10/10
PS3 Fans: 10/10
Ken&Kaz: 10/10
Jealous xBot Lemmings: -10/10

Overall: 10

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donscrillinger  +   2653d ago
1st off the game iz wack .....an 10 now come on ...7.5 at best and thats just cuz of the name ..
nycredude  +   2653d ago
That statement is about as stupid as me saying the guy in your avatar is wiggity wack!

7.5? You gotta be kidding me. If that is the case then every game on the xbox360 should be no more than a 4.5!!

Give me a break if you don't like the game keep it to yourself. no one cares about your opinion because it won't change the fact that this game is going to be ridiculously good.

If you do like it and are envious then just buy a PS3 and play what will most likely be one of the best games to come out this generation!
MetalProxy  +   2653d ago
@dumn don
Dude your a complete idiot...are you 5 years old?
LevDog  +   2653d ago
WoW you must me related to POG and NoobsPwner... Cause only those 2 usually spill nonsense with no facts or Points.. They just spew their BullSH!T and hope everyone agrees...

Slap yourself you sound retarded
jkhan  +   2653d ago
Did anyone had any doubts that this game will get anything less than 9.5?
v1c1ous  +   2653d ago
Cause, you know, i don't think we're all psychics that know how good a game is before we played it.

this gen has made me a very skeptical gamer.

i won't ever say a game is perfect unless i play it first. i could definitely appreciate a game from previews and reviews. but this gen i learned that can't rely on that anymore. i take word of mouth more serious than ever now.
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donscrillinger  +   2653d ago
an 10 ...lol now thats really pushing it ..its an 7.5 at best ....matter of fact the game iz wack compared to games out already like it SC....
xionpunk  +   2653d ago
I'll kill you in my dreams tonight. (lol)
SL1M DADDY  +   2653d ago
More movie than game...
Yup! And it is the cinematics that make the game for me. I love playing in an interactive flick. Not only do you get an awesome story, you also get one of the best game play experiences ever. it's MGS folks, it is going to be great.
xionpunk  +   2653d ago
only a few weeks left! Metal Gear is going to be epic.
Will-UK  +   2653d ago
games going to be great
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2653d ago
Perfection Exsits
Check Picture

Related image(s)
Whoooop  +   2653d ago
bootsielon  +   2653d ago
The third "AAA" game by Xbox fanboys measures
Ratchet and Uncharted already got 9.0, so it makes this the third one


As long as most press outlets give a game a 9 and above, it is all that matters. Or is 9.0 somehow the cut-off? Sales of PS3 speak otherwise, so whoever came up with the "9.0 on metacritic" and uses it as measure to buy consoles is an idiot. And that is why people laugh at Xbox fanboys. Only they don't know why.

BTW, here is a free reality check for you


Halo 3 = 8.9, Gamestats > Metacritic


Indeed. Why should we trust Metacritic anyway? They are GameSpot, the same guys that fired the guy that gave Kane and Lynch a review that was too low, and that modified GTA and Haze reviews. What's next, trusting Game Trailers?
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CViper  +   2653d ago
Yea but watch them say that gamestats isn't a reliable site.
Because its not a Microsoft partner.

Its IGN.

Very interesting :)
original seed  +   2653d ago
Actually it has a PRESS score of 9.4
The 8.9 is USER. We all know that PS Fanboys gave it a low score in order to give it a bad rep.

The same could be done to MGS4. Im sure it will be a AAA game that will average over 9 but if Xbox Fanboys wanted to they can bring the USER score down. I know i'll be getting a PS3 for MGS. I just wish they would include the DS3 because i really dont want the Sixasis
Aclay  +   2653d ago
The whole movie/theatrical aspect of the Metal Gear Solid 4 is just one of the "Metal Gear experiences". Sitting through 10-15 minute cut scences is normal really and that's what makes Metal Gear stand out from any other game as well as the characters, and of course the gameplay.

I really expect a lot of 10/10 review scores for MGS4 and I definantly don't expect anything less than a 8.5/10 for MGS4.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   2653d ago
Yeah it's weird people bash the movie aspect of the game, because everyone knows a huge part of the MGS series is the story, and how do you present the story the best way, ummm....cutscenes!!!!
Hellsvacancy  +   2653d ago
the games gonna totaly ROOOCK
ive booked the week of work (sum may think thats sad but fu<k em) i shall get a BIG bag of weed (u gotta play MGS whilst smokin a spliff!!!) and a couple of crates of beer(stella) to see me through it (i may get thirsty) cant wait PS3FTW WOOT WOOT WOOT
xboxftw  +   2653d ago
uh uho.. I hate to be in any school or college in your town/city. With that kind of mix you should not be allowed outside with even a knife.
heyheyhey  +   2653d ago
how the fvck are you doing the exact same thing i was going to do?

except i was planning the weed for Haze to go along with the nectar

why would you get high for MGS? it requires a lot of concentration and strategy
Skerj  +   2653d ago
I'm glad they didn't listen to the people without the brain capacity to follow a story more complex than "I am man, I shoot gun, die by bullets NOW". I look forward to MGS4 in all its cutsceney (real word) goodness, and I hope we get a theater mode to watch them all as one movie like Subsistence.
Vino  +   2653d ago
Wonder if the big boss will be back???
Tetsuryu  +   2653d ago
You're in for a surprise. ;)
Redlight  +   2653d ago
The movie comment is a bit of a worry. I know it's a MG signature, but if the game follows the normal model, then it won't be a mainstream hit.

The MG hardcore will lap it up, the PS3 fans that are curious will pick it up, but that'll be it. I loved the first game, but as the series has gone on the cut-scenes and story have become more and more convoluted and self-indulgent. Unfortunately it wont sell anything like the numbers that Halo 3 and GTAIV have.
fermcr  +   2653d ago
Not for me...
"Negative points: More movie than game"

That's why i don't like japanese games. I have been playing crisis core on the PSP... and has a lot of movies. Not liking it. I watch more then i play.

Problable be hammered over here... but that's the way i feel. I am more like instant action kind of guy. If i had a PS3, i would prefer buying LBP.

The game will be good... but not my type.
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