PSM Italy reviews MGS4 - 10/10

PSM Italy reviews
Metal gear solid 4

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Gameplay: 9,5/10
Longevity: 9,5/10
Technical: 9,5/10
Overall: 10

Positive points: Freedom of action and tactics.... realistic and crowded scenarios
Enemies or friends? Decide the IA
Graphics remarkable, sound great.
The final step of a epochal saga
Negative points: More movie than game

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paul_war3491d ago

Don't know what to think about this mag, weren't they the same ones who have 9/10 to HAZE?

mistertwoturbo3491d ago

Yup. So that means MGS4 should have gotten a 14/10 lol

highdro3491d ago

game is gonna be amazing, ...i am not just gonna get hyped over it, after seeing how over hyped gta4 was i better come dwn,....but i am sure this game will be lovely hype or no hype.

gambare3491d ago

yes, they were the same, we better expect reviews from IGN (I have lost the faith in those guys) or gamespot

Sunny_D3490d ago

one thing that mgs has that no other game has is amazing storytelling using long epic cutscenes

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clintos593491d ago

MGS4 ownage all day everyday. Where all the haterz at saying this game was going to suck, hollllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lol. Damn this game is closing in on us but the days feel so slow man, lol. Cant wait to play this game, it is going to rock your undies off, lol.

ice_prophecy3491d ago

I like the Con ^^.

More movie than a game.

Thats a damn right positive for me hahahaha.

conjurdevil3491d ago

AMENNNNNNNN to that MGS 4 more MOVIE than a game sounds EPIC to me!


Watching the cinematic cut scenes is like your reward for getting through a hard ass section in the game.

It also motivates you to whoop some more ass for the next hard gameplay session. I love it. And even better the people who watch me play, like watching the cutscenes more than I do normally.

Kudos Kojima team. GOOD JOB !

ice_prophecy3491d ago

Hahaha I have to agree with you!

radzy3491d ago

whoever wants a movie , rent a movie .

ice_prophecy3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I apologize if i'm not an action junkie FPS Meat head ok?


I guess thats why I liked Myst and Riven...

Lord_Ash3491d ago

Your words are words of a wise man, bubbles for you.

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SIX3491d ago

Unfortunately, this game will not surpass GTA4 in over all highest ratings. Some xbox site is gonna fudge it up that's for sure. However, I think we can all breath easy knowing that this game will deliver. 3 more weeks is way too long.

mmajunkie1233491d ago

six this is mgs4 why would xbox site review it? this is ps3 news your justing try to flame gtfo

perils3491d ago

i think what he meant was some site that sucks of microsoft will give it a lower score than deserved. i for one dont believe these sites exist..........;)

SIX3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

That's exactly what I meant for lack of a better word. You know it happends. I can name off a bunch of sites but I'm pretty sure you know what those sites are.

@mmajunkie. I'm not trying to flame dude. You will see when the first 1up or Kotaku review comes out. Those aren't xbox sites per say, but they are Biased sites IMO. I'm the biggest MGS fan there is, and it's gonna suck when these sites intentionally bring the score down for no other reason then to downplay Sony exclusives. Who knows, I hope i'm wrong, but I find that in this generation the politics have gotten way out of hand. I want MGS to win, but I'm a little jaded nowadays ya know. There is no more even playing field as far as I'm concerned.

BTW, is that GSP?

Kami3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

in my opinion was overrated. it was a definite 8.5 - 9.3max but not a 10

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3490d ago

plus maybe its just me but "G"4 always kraps on ps3 exclusives

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