Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two review: A Drop in the Ocean [Polygon]

"Burial At Sea's second episode is lovely to look at and sports some surprisingly enjoyable sneaky combat, but both are used to tell a story that, without flowcharts and some seriously generous apologetics, is convoluted to migraine-inducing degrees."

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gamerz1603d ago

Without giving away any spoilers, I have to disagree that the game doesn't explicitly tell you what's going on.

The first two major cut-scenes explain in detail where you are, the state Elizabeth is in, why she's there, and that one of the main characters talking to you is a figment of her own memories. It only seems confusing since the story is time-lapsed, i.e. told out of order - though they explain that too during the game.

It's a brilliant ending and amazing how they tied the all the realities together.

Also, Bioshock Infinite received lots of criticism for having dull gameplay so they did a pretty good job of mixing it up, adding multiple paths and other things (don't want to spoil) that certainly improved the gameplay significantly. Well worth the price and a must play for Bioshock lovers!

joab7771602d ago

Agree completely. This is the ending chapter to 3 Bioshock games, c'mon. To be honest, it isnt really that hard to follow, since u already know that u r not supposed to know exactly what is happening while u play. Trying to figure it out as u go is half the fun.

The combat harkened back to bioshock 1 and 2 for me in which there was a camera and video camera...and I strategized making perfect runthroughs. The only thing missing was the instant save.

pyramidshead1602d ago

I have a serious love/hate thing with the whole of Infinite and the BaS DLCs.

On one hand I loved the experience and the ride all of Irrational produced, it was fantastic and I feel like they'll never be anything like it in gaming ever again(unless 2K decided to make more/reboot it for next gen) but on the other hand I also hate how the whole circle narrative mechanic(while clever)totally ruins the mystery of the entire series of games, even number 1.

Think back to when you finished BioShock 1 and/or 2 and how much mystery it produced as stand alone games & about Rapture itself without Columbia. I guess in retrospect I would have preferred to have been left in the dark than it be explained the further you played on. I would have liked to have been left wondering.

On top of my own struggle with the closure I still want another BioShock game because apparently I don't know what I want haha.