Wasted Potential: Why I Quit Playing Grand Theft Auto Online

Front Towards Gamer's Scott Gable details why GTA Online is worth leaving

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bohemian 231574d ago

I did read the whole article, and I do agree with most of your points, but how in the hell do you not like GTA San Andreas?

23Breach1573d ago

I dislike most Zelda games because of the puzzles, so yeah, people can dislike really good things.

Orange Juice1573d ago

"Grand Theft Auto Online had redeemed the Grand Theft Auto franchise for me.  Maybe it was the lack of murdering prostitutes or just exploring that large open world with your friend, but GTA Online brought me back into the Grand Theft Autoseries. The problem though was that as the months dragged on, the game became stale and repetitive."

Exactly what was the author hoping for? By admitting he played gta online for months it sounds to me like he got his moneys worth considering that gta is a Single Player game at heart.

The only games that Ive played online for years are mp centered games like counterstrike, warhawk, battlefront and command & conquer so I learned not to expect too much from "afterthought" mp like gta online.
The author should be happy it held his attention for a week. The auto aim focused gameplay combined with no innovative game modes hence the endless grinding should tell you that gta online was meant to be a flash in the pan and not the next big tournament mp game.