Xbox Co-Founder:Skeptical About VR,Original Xbox Team Were Gamers & Tried To Keep It All About Games

Ed Fries also comments on current gen consoles and games development.

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christocolus1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I miss Ed fries, Robbie bach and J allard....those were truly great guys.wish MS would hire them back.

Phil is doing an amazing job at the moment but with those guys back it would be like having 3 super Phils running the MS defintly seems to have its focus on games once again and i hope they can keep delivering on that E3 more of their plans for the xbx one will be revealed.

ZodTheRipper1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Yeah have fun with your "games focus" and the Halo TV stuff vom Spielberg. And if you're extra lucky you'll even get Halo 5: Episode 1 this year:

I honestly don't understand how gamers can still be supporting Microsoft after all they've done and announced in the last few months. Oh and don't forget how they've abandoned the X360 a few years after it's launch guys have some rough times ahead of you if you're looking for the best >gaming< experience.

christocolus1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Lol..why do you have issues with my choice? I dont get how some of you reason. Ryse, forza, sunset overdrive, quantum break,d4,k8nect sports, dr3, titanfall, project spark, fablelegends are all 1st wave of games and you still doubt their focus...after e3 i hope we have this discussion again and so you know im so excited about the halo tv series and what ever ms has planned. Its all entertainment and the tv stuff aint stopping the games.

So stop bothering about xbx fans supporting ms. It shouldnt really be an issue of yours. We wernt forced to pick the xbx one just like you werent forced to pick your console of sure your happy with your pick just like we are.

Just Learn to respect the choice of others and allow gamers be gamers.

sak5001572d ago


You can't talk sense with teh sony fanboys. They are as blind as bats when it comes to anything good on other consoles. Let them burn in their own jealousy since they are the ones having nothing to play just like ps3 early 3 years. Half of the console lifetime they spent on n4g dissing 360 same goes in this gen.

sinspirit1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )


N4G and just about every gaming news site was filled with 360 fanboys. Also, generalizing a population isn't an argument.

Hmm.. So, you're saying PS3 had a bad first 3 years? InFamous, MGS4, Resistance 1 and 2, Uncharted 1 and 2, LittleBIGPlanet, Demons Souls, Motorstorm 1 and 2, Killzone, Ratchet and Clank's, Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavenly Sword, etcetera?
Then, what about 360's first three years?
Tom Clancy's GRAW 1, Gears of War 1, Dead Rising 1, Crackdown 1, Forza 3, Halo 3, Mass Effect 1, Lost Odyssey.

PS3: 12 listed, 4 had sequels in that time frame on top of the 12 listed.
360: 8 listed.

You're clearly one of the fanboys that inhabited the sites a couple years ago spouting "PS3 has no games" nonsense.

MetaReapre1572d ago

I actually agree with christocolus, although it wouldn't be how I put it. The xb1 has its fair share of games and even more to come out. So does the ps4. The xb1 isn't a bad console at all, although I do disagree with the esram in it but who knows what they have planned in the future with it.

vallencer1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I'm pretty sure even Sony has plans to make tv shows for their ps4. Even if they didn't though...Why's it matter?? Game systems are about gaming yes but we are getting into game systems being more then games. I don't know about you but I WANT my system to do more then just "play games". It's like a cell phone. How many people want "just a phone"? Everyone wants a phone that does more then call and text. Why can't game systems be the same?


If you're going to list things then list complete releases please. You forgot a few. I mean hell you forgot kameo and perfect dark zero. There's also blue dragon and more. By listing it the way you do you come off as a fan boy.

FriedGoat1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )


People want their phones to be more because it is useful. The difference between an Xbox one with its "media focus" is that it is not useful. I have devices in my home that do the job 100 times better. I'm not going to sacrifice quality (such as the DTS you lose using the Xbox HDMI in) just for the sake of a cheap media player and a semi decent games console.

Comparing a portable device that can have lots of handy tools when out and about with a console that sits next to your media center is stupid.

But yeah, I suppose it could be great for those of you who sit in an empty room with just a 14 inch television and a mattress on the floor.

Pogmathoin1572d ago

Sin, not very sincere are you? How many 360 games did you leave out? Whos talking fanboy???

edgeofsins1572d ago


He didn't list Folklore, Warhawk, or Genji: Days of the Blade, either(PS3 exclusives). Man he's totally a XBox fanboy..

Azzanation1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

@Zod18 The reason why people support MS is because they deliver great games, is it that hard to understand. I support PC because PC offer me great games. If you want to run this world like Hitler and make everybody buy the PS4 go for it, but that doesn't change the fact XBOX has great games.

TV is an added bonus, if its there its great if it isn't then no one would care. Its like buying a car with more features. Its not always about the Horse Power.

@Sinspirit Its not always about the quantity either. Id rather a console with 1 great game then a console filled with 5 bad games.

NeoTribe1572d ago

Sak, you do realise ps4 has more games than xbox1 right? More announced for the future aswell. Your repeating the same mistakes xbots did in the past trying to say said console has no games. Look what happened last gen.... ps3 murdered xbox via games lol. Its fine to try and retaliate against the trolls but atleast dont use there same bs tactics when doing it. Does not make you sound better than the troll your angry at.

UltimateMaster1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Same thing with motion controls.
They said it would never go off, it wasn't going anywhere, that it was going to fail... now look who has motion control bundled with every consoles...

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LexHazard791572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I agree Chris,

Those guys were good, but right now Phil and this new group are doing some great things! You can tell in some ways that within Xbox not everyone was on the same page! But everyone still has to do their job regardless of final product! Now with Don gone Xbox looking good and there seems to be more freedom to opreate and get things done for Xbox fans!

reaperofsouls1571d ago

unfortunately M$ is run by suits who sole intension is creaming as much money as they can from the consumers. Had they focus on creating the best gaming experience they could then the console would have taken care of itself instead of being blitzed by ps4

lifeisgamesok1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Phil Spencer is doing a tremendous job with the brand bringing back wanted games and attaining new games

Phil Harrison gave the greenlight for some of the key franchises Playstation owners enjoy

With these two guys that love games I'd say Xbox is in great hands

Ryse, Quantum Break, Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Fable Legends, Max, Titanfall, Halo 2, Killer Instinct, Crackdown 3, Project Spark, Forza Horizon 2

djplonker1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Halo halo forza forza fable and gears of war


(Project spark and titanfall are not xbox exclusives)

ryse, quantum break , sunset overdrive , d4 are the only new ips so far they need more!

Mikefizzled1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Microsoft Studios isn't an Xbox exclusive publishing studio...
Phil is in charge of putting their IP on all platforms. I think he thought Project Spark was so good he tried making it as accessible as possible hence the PC, 360 and One release of it.

fr0sty1572d ago

Or he's just trying to maximize profit considering that Xbox One's install base is still pretty small and it would require a huge attach rate to get the kinds of sales that are needed to pay for high budget games.

Destrania1572d ago Show
DarkLord10031572d ago

So 4 new IPs - it's quite a lot actually

Ginesis1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

@deplonker Uncharted 4, another Killzone, more LBP, Last of Us Complete Edition, Last of Us 2, another Infamous. I could keep going but im going to stop there.

Lawboy21572d ago

So mlb the show not a ps4 exclusive got it....planetside 2 not a ps4 exclusive got it

OpieWinston1572d ago

No Sony doesn't believe in the PS4 because of their platform exclusives. They've NEVER branched out with exclusives. And by that logic Microsoft is more focused on X1 just because of the amount of AAA games on X1 vs PS4.

PS4 is turning into an Indiestation 4 and really making me regret picking it up for KZ/Infamous alone.

JustPlay41572d ago

Project spark is coming to PC? Cool, I might get it then

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True_Samurai1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Only a jealous fanboy from the other could disagree with this. I want ms to destroy Sony at e3

@devilchum VR is a hit or miss project. The reason ms is skeptical because they've been working on AR technology instead. if morpheous doesn't go as expected it will be the end of Sony

@flamingweazel you're really gonna tell ms has no first party? IDC if it's 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Exclusives are exclusives. There might be more ps4s sold but Sony takes a loss for each of those consoles while ms makes a profit

Flamingweazel1572d ago

We'll it isnt going to happen and the ps4 will continue to dominate./ MS has no first party.

fr0sty1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

They are skeptical about VR only because Xbox One lacks the horsepower to render VR at the same resolutions as PS4. With VR, you can't go below 60fps per eye or you start to get dizzy. That's 120fps (each eye is 960x1080p, which is half the vertical resolution of 1080p, so technically PS4 would need to render a full 1080p frame at 60fps, but each half of that frame would need to be rendered from a different perspective for each eye, increasing the performance demand even further.), even PS4 will have to dumb down the visuals a bit to hit those numbers. Xbox One will struggle even more, which will make that performance gap even more visible than it is today. So, rather than entertain the thought of Xbox One VR, they dismiss the concept.

Also, Sony is a multinational company that specializes in electronics and owns a massive chunk of both the movie and music industries. They also are very profitable as a life insurance seller in Japan. Their eggs are not all in project morpheus' basket, and they are comfortably outselling the Xbox One even without it. Sony will be just fine no matter what becomes of Morpheus.

We've been doing the AR thing for a while now, PS3 did it, Vita does it, PS4 does it, so I'm a bit skeptical of what AR glasses would achieve from a gaming perspective other than the same "super impose a character on a surface and have them interact with it" stuff we've seen. With VR, you can add it into existing games and put you into the game. AR could only bring the game to you, maybe having characters jump out of your TV and interact, but other than that any games made for it would need to be crafted specifically for that experience. For that reason, it will be at a disadvantage when it comes to software support. It can't be easily added into existing games.

DarkLord10031572d ago

The irony in your first sentence is just too good to be true

DigitalRaptor1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

" I want ms to destroy Sony at e3 "

1) Not happening

2) Only a fanboy would wish this

3) Both will bring great games, but I think logic pretty much stands that because MS has blown their load of what they have up to the end of 2015, and Sony is keeping their cards close to their chest, they have a better chance of blowing MS out of the water at E3.

4) VR is the ultimate in immersion and it's only drawback is really how well the content is implemented with the tech. Oculus was the convincing factor and it only goes forward from there. AR is something Sony has already explored and it never took off because its drawbacks are obvious.


That's a good assessment.

Kinect can only render 30fps with the camera, so the input delay and performance overheads required just won't cut it like the PlayStation camera can. The PS4 eye can process and render: 30fps, 60fps and 120fps. That's FOUR times the potential for VR on PS4 alone.

So combine that with significantly stronger console hardware and means VR on PS4 is a strong reality, whilst on Xbone, it's going to be a struggle that's probably not worth the endurance. They are skeptical because the performance might come back to bite them, well unless the cloud comes along to save the day.

shadowsmoke361572d ago

You know what If it becomes a success you can bet your life microsoft will go and try and supplant it and make it look like they invented it first. From my reports it seems to be doing well for what it is. It very well can mean the end for the xbox being with microsoft so don't slice it only one way. Second wishing for one company to be done with shows just how much a fan boy you really are. I have come to this site many times just a few years ago and it was laid out with 360 fan boys talking smack all day every day and sony fans having to defend constantly now how the tables have turned. I'm no fan boy and I plan on owning both at some point but to make every excuse for microsoft this generation when you bashed the same policies that sony did just last generation shows your a hypocrite. Just a bit of advice any time a company leaves it makes the industry weaker because then they can give you crap and you would clap for it wouldn't you. Ask yourself who was here between the ps2 and ps3 error and who is not now. Company left sony got big headed and made some mistakes on the ps3 price and ram was the 2 biggest. Don't take away the fact they reached 360 numbers in less time which was impressive enough. between ps2 and ps3 sony lost many exclusives and failed to bring out many fan favorites that should have at least made return to ps3 but didn't. Sony by no means were perfect either but they for now seem to have come back to their senses. I know people love to say i just want new IP but let me ask those who want new IP so much eventually things go stale because we have seen all of that before in games at one point but if say they make a new Dark cloud with a totally different story and the likes of a new IP then that should be efficient to buy time and that goes for both sony and microsoft. I'm sure many would fork out money for a LOD game or Jak and Dexter one or even Chrono Cross or whatever it is. There are many games that people would love to see make a return Syphon filter would be another one. And many would love to see a new Crash as well. Yes these are sony games but microsoft has their fair share as well. Be a fan but not a fan boy and enjoy your console you don't need to justify your purchase. For me I don't fully trust microsoft. Many would say yeah an american company that outsource like everyone else anyone who thinks that they made all the ones here in the US are insane. I can bet many of the jobs were overseas but yeah support a us company that does nothing but rob you.

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TheTowelBoy1572d ago

I owned a ps2 way back when and it always, ALWAYS killed me I couldn't play KOTOR on it. I'll be honest, it stayed with me even through high school (Im 22 now) but to my amazement years later I played KOTOR and it indeed became one of my all time favorites. They did do an amazing job.

Qwagy UK1572d ago

Original Xbox Team Were Gamers & Tried To Keep It All About Games..... so what happened with the Xbone TiVo then?
VR will be the most immersive gaming experience around, nuff said!

The_devils_chum1572d ago

Are you serious with some of these comments? "People think phil spenserdoing a fabulous job" boy ill bet my left testicle that came from a employee or one of those purchased comments from web cred. What nerve does this xbox guy have on being skeptical about VR while microsoft claims being all about the games. Give me a F#&(+'" break, at least sony made a gaming machine not a over priced DVR with a spy cam with poor gaming architecture. Of course he's skeptical about VR they know its the final nail in the coffin for them, they'll never catch up now. The only thing that can prevent this is sony's finances they scare me. All these people leaving are leading me to believe that sony will be bringing in someone else inaboc their gaming sector and people in the know are leaving. I expect huge news about this within 6 months. But god do these microsoft guys have some nerve, their 1st commercial all about tv.

LexHazard791572d ago

LMAO.......All about TV, Sonys E3 opening! Lol......

sinspirit1572d ago

Not sure what you're talking about. I even rewatched the opening of their e3 with PS4 to see if I missed something, and I'm not missing anything about their E3 opening.

Bigpappy1572d ago

How do we know you have a left testicle to begin with? Got a link?

OpieWinston1572d ago

And that's why you've got one bubble. You're narrow minded.

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