Interview with Hideo Kojima: Revenge of the Snake and Revenge of the Players

Hideo Kojima interviewed by 4Gamer on quite a few different topics regarding the Metal Gear franchise.

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mochachino1575d ago

Get rid of Sutherland, he a terrible fit for Big Boss. Every other person that speaks in the game sounds more like a leader.

Not saying the game needs Hayter at all just that Keifer Sutherland is terrible in this role.

Sutherland has no maturity, charisma, or hardened leadership qualities in his voice. He sounds like a grunt.

imtheman20131575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I, personally, enjoy Kiefer's voice for Big Boss. To me, he sounds like a human being now, instead of Hayter's later work (PW really) where everything was just a gargling sound with words thrown in.

And about the leadership thing, I would say that it's a bit too early to judge his full performance because, well, this isn't his full performance. I would say the best voice actor in Ground Zeroes was Kaz, simply because his voice is so prevalent in that game, especially with all of the intel/codec messages. Big Boss barely has any lines, but from what's there, I'd say Kiefer did pretty well. The Phantom Pain will be the true test of how well he can fill the shoes of Big Boss.

Ratty1575d ago

I agree with you. Kiefer is pretty good and also a good fit. I love Hayter as well though it's true his performance started going down after the first few titles. IMO his best is still MGS1 and it goes down in order of release.

Anyway you can't fight the nostalgia factor. Nostalgia > Reason with most people.

imtheman20131575d ago


I personally liked Hayter in 2 and 3. Especially 3's creepy gun-porn moments lol. I always thought his voice acting was a little over the top, but for those games it felt right. Now that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are taking a more serious direction, I think it's fitting that they chose a more serious sounding voice actor.

But yeah, nostalgia will always outweigh most people's willingness to accept something new. The only thing I don't like about Sutherland being the new voice actor is the way it came about. How Hayter wasn't even really informed or brought into the loop about it until it was already done. Sort of shady and disrespectful, but other than that, I think Kiefer is a nice fit.

mochachino1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

It has very little to do with nostalgia, Sutherland just doesn't fit the character well imo. I said the actor doesn't need to be Hayter, (MGS4 SPOILER) even the guy who voiced Big Boss in MGS 4 would be vastly superior.

Big Boss is supposed to be the "Legendary Soldier", cold and as calculated as a snake, filled with pain, virtue, courage, charisma and leadership none of those qualities came across in Sutherlands voice. He sounded unsure, hesitant, immature, and overly emotional.

Summons751575d ago

I agree, Sutherland is a great actor but he is not Big Boss. He spoke too softly most of the time and got the timing of lines that MGS has been known for very poorly.

The "Kept you waiting, huh" line always had a some break before the huh and sutherland shot the line out like he'd die if he took his time.

Hayter would obviously be the best match but they could have at least taken the time to look for someone the can come close or duplicate the Snake voice. Hayter knew the character so his voice acting was excellent when it came to really putting emotion into it, it helped drive character development in some cases and Sutherland from interviews alone barely knows anything about Metal Gear Solid in general.

MrGunny941575d ago

Couldn't agree more.. His Voice is horrible.

cyphertech1575d ago

Metal Gear will always be my favorite series.