Ubisoft Plans For Upcoming Years, No Assassin’s Creed Title Next year

Well in a recent interview UBISOFT vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud discussed about the future plans of the company, about the games for this year and the years after. One thing is pretty clear that UBISOFT will not leave the old-gen consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation behind. More games will be for these consoles will be available in next years.

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Shad0wRunner1605d ago

Bout time Ubisoft took a break on milking that cow. I stopped playing AC after 2. I saw where this franchise was going. Especially after Ubisoft announced they have no intended plans for an end. When AC 1 came out...I thought this game was gonna have a beginning, middle and an end to the overall story driven narrative. The series shouldve wrappped itself up AGES ago. But since theyre just going on, and on, and on...with these redundant games, set in different locations and different time periods....naww, Im glad I stopped after 2.

Rockefellow1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Jesus Christ... It would be nice if these writers would graduate from elementary school before starting up gaming sites.

This is honestly one of the worst articles I've ever seen on N4G, and as we all know, that says a lot. If you can't spend a few seconds proofreading your writing for the benefit of your audience, you shouldn't be writing at all. If this IS edited already, well, I feel wholeheartedly embarrassed for you. This is beyond common mistake territory, and borders on illiteracy. The abrasive tone, the jumbled and harsh flow.. it's painful to read.

Rockefellow1605d ago

OT: Didn't Ubisoft just recently state to several high-profile, relevant gaming sites that Assassin's Creed will always be annual because consumers demand it? This directly contradicts their own words. Sounds like someone pulling something out of their ass and hoping we all forget about it when next year rolls around.

iamnsuperman1605d ago

I agree. They don't actually say there will be no AC game next year. The just say we do it because people demand it and we make sure we deliver as the problem with yearly releases is reduced quality

Nothing about no AC next year. It is like the author never read past the second sentence

TheDevil15inallofus1605d ago

BLASPHEMY! I need my redundant, cookie-cutter AC games every year, like clockwork! /s

Dudebro901605d ago

Poorly written, way too many ads, and doesn't even say there won't be a creed game next year.

N4G needs to step up on quality control.

Rockefellow1605d ago

I agree. I suppose we're all partly to blame, approving articles like this. Those of us who notice such poorly-written trash for what it is just don't bother reporting them in the approval process, which could clean this place up considerably.

I come here to read news, not to edit other people's work, though. When sites clearly show that their work is continually of poor quality, have inflammatory and provocative headlines or context, exist solely for ad propagation and yield only clickbait, barebones articles, or show that they likely aren't going to be capable of producing worthwhile material (this awful site, for example), they should just be permanently banned for submitting articles. I'd wager the vast majority of the abhorrent articles on here come from a small percentage of the overall submissions.

Dudebro901605d ago

There needs to be a way for people to suggest to mods to ban certain sites.

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