Why Selling The Oculus Rift Was A Bad Idea

I was going about my daily comings and goings and stumbled upon the news that Facebook was going to acquire Oculus Rift. Needless to say I was shocked ...

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Shad0wRunner1599d ago


It WASNT a bad idea, from a business standpoint. However, it WAS a bad idea to screw over their Kickstarter supporters, by selling out to Facebook.

They will always be known as "sellouts" now...and what they did will make a lot of future Kickstarters jaded, toward supporting other devs.

I for one...wont be supporting or buying the Rift. Especially now. I'll support Sony and buy the Morpheus, and just wait for PC support to be added at a later date.

DanielGearSolid1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

They didn't screw over anybody.

The kickstarter backers all received their rewards for donating...

The only way it screws them is if Facebook completely changes the direction of the Rift. And given the example of previous companies purchased by Facebook. They let those companies operate own their own, as independent business units. And they don't force Facebook accounts or logins at all.

Idk why ppl are pretending Facebook is evil...
The worst they've done is data mining, which Google does as well, but nobody says google is evil

With the amount of funding from Facebook Oculus Rift could be better than they ever imagined. And with Facebook associated, more mass appeal. I think the success of VR and the Rift itself should be more important than a few ppl that wanted Oculus Rift journey to fit their David & Goliath narrative

mhunterjr1599d ago

How does it screw over the kickstarters? They got their donation gifts, and the gaming headset is still coming to market...probably sooner than it would have as an indie project, likely with better hardware, and likely at a better price.

aliengmr1598d ago

"Game designers are also jumping ship after the acquisition at this point."

More like one game designer, who really just cancelled a free charity project that had just been talked about. Had actual money been involved well, Notch might have hesitated. Game developers, the actual serious ones, would not and should not have been as hasty as Notch. They have, potentially, a massive opportunity here.

IMO I'll take an actual Rift over the "idea" of the Rift. Yes it is a let down that the "little guy" story is over, but at the end of they day, I just want a Rift.

I think this is where the divide is. People want that "meaning" or "story" more than the actual Rift itself. I wanted that too, but I wanted the Rift more.

There is the Facebook thing, but really, you're kidding yourself if you think any larger company would have be viewed any better, except maybe Valve. The internet would have freaked at pretty much all of them.

There are things to be concerned about, but they simply haven't happened yet, if at all. The Rift is still on its way. OVR is bringing in talent. The devs who were serious about developing are staying. So lets get angry at all of Facebook's changes when/if they actually happen.

Bonerboy1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

What are you talking about? This was a great idea. Facebook takes a good solid kick in the nuts from the multitudes of angry people not only pulling out of FB's future consumer base, but also many others cancelling their pre-orders. Wont that make the angry masses happy?...seeing FB falter on their investment and seeing them tread at least a little water in their own tidal wave of BS? Works for me. Focus on other VR avenues other than gaming? It's a given, go ahead, Im not on board anyway.

The preorder cancellations are seemingly everywhere! So be it. If I had a preorder I would cancel it as well until they have proved themselves in the market place, and even then, it's still FB and well...they're a bit sketchy.

I am hesitant to buy one after all of this bs and in fact I most likely wont because there will definitely be many more and undoubtedly better VR sets coming from non FB companies, and THAT I will buy into. Not some damn Kickstarter either, but an actual finished product. Lets all go back to supporting the little guys. Take the high ground and ignore FB and their bags of cash.

Here's just one that looks very promising...

http://www.trueplayergear.c... Oculus who?

Ta-Ta Oculus, it was a fleeting relationship at best I know, but now I must gracefully decline your soft glow as I have moved onto far greener pastures. Don't cry for me, I'm already gone.