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World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition defies first impressions. Those who assume it’s a superficial team-based action game will find it has tremendous depth and complexity, while those who assume it’s a hardcore tank simulation will find major concessions to a pick-up-and-play accessibility that values action over authenticity.

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The Meerkat1571d ago

I'm having lots of fun with this game right now.
My only issue is the rather unfair matchmaking on Light Tanks.

My level 4 light keeps getting placed in battles with level 8 heavies. A light 4 against a medium 4 is hard enough. Against a level 8 heavy I may as well fire insults at them for all the good the gun does.

millgate11571d ago

In World of Tanks, light tanks are generally classes as scouts. Tanks that pretty much spot enemies for their team. Nothing more. Some light tanks will get put into tier 8 games because all they're meant to do is detect enemies for your team, not to kill them. (If a friendly kills an enemy that you've spotted, you'll get half the XP he earned)

If it's not your thing, I'd recommend you go down a different tree. Take note, not all light tanks will get put into tier 8s. You'll have to search what tanks do and don't.

Axios21571d ago

Surprisingly fun and addictive

from the beach1571d ago

Good stuff, great to see Xbox 360 still being supported.

Lord_Ranos1571d ago

My Churchill I is pwning them noobs for me. :D