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IGN: "As someone who was there, Hot Pockets in hand for all the midnight server issues, and other heartbreaks of Diablo 3’s PC launch, it’s difficult to imagine a larger turnaround than Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Not only has the game it’s built upon been markedly improved by the recent Loot 2.0 patch, but the excellent new content in this expansion is exactly in line with what I wanted for the series."

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ArchangelMike1396d ago

Aww Man, I've been holding out for nearly a year now to get his on PS4. Should I just buckle and get it now for PC?

Decisions... decisions...

NeoTribe1396d ago

I would personally wait for ps4. I started this game on pc and eventually moved to ps3. While pc resolution is better than ps3, the ps3 controlls and camera angle are superior in every way. Not to mention the console version allows your hero to roll around which i found very useful in fights. The ps4 version is gonna be the best version.

Palitera1396d ago

That's what I'm doing.

Played and made money on PC, but after the direct controls of PS3, it is hard to go back to point and click.

Prime1571396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Well, I have yet to play it....

That being established I cared little for d3 (especially vs d1 and d2 while believing d3 had amazing gameplay, and solely gameplay). I had a buddy who made about 2k on the real money auction house who stopped after the hype.

He picked up the game, again, within the last 5 weeks, and has been playing ROS. He says no.

Now, that can be for many reasons, but the extent if my knowledge as a d2 liver and knowing his and mine gaming conversations? I'm just waiting for more than these reviews..

pandehz1396d ago

Pc version any day.

The roll and camera zoomed in changes a lot and using a controller feels a lot less precise.

Numerous micro managing tactics are removed when using a controller.

Diablo and Pc are meant for each other.

Volkama1396d ago

Wait for the PS4 version. Click-to-move may be a well established control scheme, but that doesn't mean it is not rubbish.

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Whatsupdog1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

PC all the way for me, though the PS4 version should be pretty solid too!

pennywhyz1396d ago

Always PC. But it will be fine on ps4 if ya wanna wait.

MehmetAlperTR1396d ago

I just bought it but didnt try it yet. But it's look like a solid score. PS4 version will be good for sure. But couldn't wait for that :)

Fireseed1396d ago

Diablo... Welp, guess I know what I have to buy over a new headset.

FogLight1396d ago

I can't wait for it to release on PS4 along with Reaper of Souls expansion pack.

I also really wanna know how to import Diablo III characters from PS3 to PS4 so I could continue on with my badass level 60 monk :3

GhettoBlasStarr1396d ago

Threw the PS+ cloud service, from what I've heard. I just hope there's an upgrade option from the PS3/PS4. And a release date.

FogLight1396d ago

Agreed, it will be great to know the release date and to have upgrade option but we don't know yet, and yeah it makes sense to use PS+ cloud service come to think about it.

cabbitwithscissors1396d ago

When this game first came out, and there was the issue with the RMAH thingy. I didn't buy it as I was not going to support nonsense like that.

Now that has been removed, maybe I'll buy it sometime soon.

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