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When video game publisher Tecmo KOEI bough Gust, developer of the cult-classic Atelier series, two years ago, fans of the then-NISA published series were rightfully skeptical as to what would happen to their beloved series. Two titles in, and it appears the new ownership is only improving things.

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TheSoundDefense1425d ago

Sounds interesting, but the uninspiring combat is a turn-off for a JRPG, considering how much of it I imagine there's going to be. I hope the Bravely Default system becomes more of an industry standard.

Tuxmask551425d ago

I haven't played Bravely Default. What's so special about it?

TheSoundDefense1424d ago

The main thing is that they use turns as flexible currency. You can borrow turns from the future to do many attacks at once, or you can skip turns and build them up for the future.