Opinion: Microsoft Will Leave the Console Race Before Nintendo

Despite their successes, Microsoft's other troubles spell possible doom for their video game business.

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SactoGamer1599d ago

These days it seems we're all waiting to see who, exactly, will become the next SEGA.

truefan11599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Yup another Doom article. This author is clearly using this as a deflection article for Sony and ps4 to though. In all seriousness Sony is in the worst financial position of the 3 and is currently in a state of restructuring, yet sony is excluded from the title like everything is fine and dandy. These articles are just so easy to click and that is what the author wants.

ThePandaMaster1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

For sony the PS4 is one of there main pillars.. infact Kaz has said it is one of the 3 main pillars. Many people at MS think they should sell off xbox and many shareholders do also. For Nintendo its really that they have not been very good at it in the last few years (excluding the wii) and they could make more money(or at least many think they could) if they where multiplat.

So MS docent partially want to be in the space anymore, Nintendo could possibly make more money the other way, and sony really needs to stay in for it is a cornerstone of there company right now.

Why o why1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Even when sony isn't involed, you involve them..relentless.

I doubt either will be leaving the console race BUT if one was to leave first I would think it would be microsoft. Like I said though, cant see either leaving nor desire any to. Although I'm not a super 'truefan' of microsoft they have brought some positives to the console world not just negatives. They also helped wake the sleeping giant so I'm happy for that too. Competition 'can be' good

HeWhoWalks1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

No, you just read and see what you want to see, especially in regards to anything Microsoft related. The topic has ZERO to do with Sony.

OT: While I can see either MS or Nintendo leaving first, I also imagine Microsoft sticking it out, at least, another gen after the X1.

aragon1599d ago

i have to admit truefan i agree

MasterCornholio1599d ago

The only issue I have with this argument.

Is why a firm who is having financial problems dump one of their most successful divisions?

Imagine if you have a restaurant and you sell many types of burgers. Your best selling burger is a bacon cheese burger and your worse selling burger is a pork liver burger. Suppose your restaurant is loosing money and the main reason why your losing money is because you have to throw away pork livers because no one orders the burgers. What will a restaurant do in this situation?

Answer: Stop selling the pork liver burgers and focus on selling bacon cheese burgers.

If the chose to stop selling bacon cheese burgers their revenue will decrease and their losses increase.

Vegamyster1599d ago


While the N64 & Gamecube didn't sell the most they were still profitable for Nintendo and that's how Nintendo makes their money, hardware and high software sales. Nintendo already stated they'll never go 3rd party and financially they're doing better then Sony so i don't expect them to leave the console market any time soon.

ThePandaMaster1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

That might be so but it does not mean they would not make more money off selling games on all platforms. They don't make that much off each wii u either so it is not as effective as it once was when gamecube and n64 where around.

Just because something is profitable does not mean it is the best thing for your company to be doing. Also they where not doing that well during that period so i doubt they would willingly go back to that... and I'm not sure if the company at this point could stand doing it.

Sony as a whole doing poorly does not really effect whether they stay in gaming as they make a lot of money with playstation from both first and 3rd party sales. Sony could not afford to let go of the console business. On the other side Nintendo makes most of there money off first party and the console itself, with console profits being low(each one does not make much for them) it really does not make sense to limit the sales of the games to just people owning a wii.

Having said that I personally hope they get though this gen and do well with the hardware next time. I think Nintendo can do really interesting things still and hope they do :).

nucky641599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

lame comment, truefan....and very wrong as well.

Magicite1599d ago

xbot in defensive position

mohuzas1599d ago

@Pandamaster, you're incorrect.
Despite their high software sales and low hardware sales, around 70% of all profits Nintendo earned were made from hardware.

ThePandaMaster1599d ago

During what period of time? link?

DC7771599d ago

Yeah have to agree here. Another article of doom based on a whopping 4 months of the new generation. Some people just don't seem to get it. Selling a million or 2 items more than your competition with a mere 15 or so bucks made off each one is not going to make other billion dollar companies lay down and die.

kreate1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

beucz sony is in that 'doom' position, they have to cling onto the playstation.

MS looks at it as an investment.
is it worth the time, money, and resources?
how good is the return?

doesn't necessarily mean the company with the worst financial position is leaving first.

but I don't want sony or MS to leave the gaming business. Nintendo, I just hope they make better games. and games other than 30 year old franchises.

SourShoes1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I didn't see any mention of Doom, the groundbreaking FPS on PC that helped launch the genre, in this article ;)

Prepare yourselves guys:

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Bigpappy1599d ago

LOL. Nintendo Doomed, Sony doomed and M$ doomed. Are people still clicking on these heat seekers?

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Irishguy951599d ago

Nintendo are doing the best of the 3 money wise.

HappyWithOneBubble1599d ago

But not making none off Wii U.

mrpsychoticstalker1599d ago

Right, and we just spent 3M (or,more not sure) on AMD, 500M on AR. 1B on games. Yeah, we are going out,of business.




Paulie_gualtieri1599d ago

That's how game companies go out of business.Spending large sums and not seeing profitable returns.

URNightmare1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I like the way he says "we". It looks like he takes this very personal or works for Microsoft. Either way, he will be one of those who will contribute to the downfall of the Xbox devision with that thinking.

PoSTedUP1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

lol. when i read "we" i pictured him holding a budweiser and wearing a MS shirt and hat.

TheSoundDefense1599d ago

Doesn't say anywhere that Microsoft is going under, just that they might hand off Xbox to another company.

1599d ago
MrSwankSinatra1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

@DrSteveBrule2 handing xbox off to facebook is the worst idea ever.

No_Limit1599d ago

Yea, just like FamousMortimer aka Pete Dodd, former insider of Neogaf said that Amazon was definitely going to buy out the Xbox brand.

It will not happen, MS is not just going to throw the whole UI OS Xbox interface that integrate all their media services together after spending a decade to perfect away.

nunley331599d ago

@no limit - Amazon would totally buy xbox if MS was selling,Amazon just recently bought a game studio too. I could support xbox if Amazon bought them, they're alot better company and they're about listening to the base and being very comsumer friendly, which MS is neither.

Eddie201011599d ago

If the Xbox was sold to Amazon maybe they would get rid of that ugly ass windows 8 green UI. make the boxes they are packed in something besides generic green. Stop trying to make people think the Xbox One is more powerful than it really is, stop pushing useless voice controls that are nothing more than a gimmick. Create and buy studios of there own for first party games instead of buying exclusivity from other publishers. Stop acting like they created console gaming and that they are the authority on all things console gaming when they were the last to the party. Stop letting people that act, and are, corporate shills rather than real gamer's speak for the company. So many things that could be changed if Amazon bought Xbox.

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KonsoruMasuta1599d ago

I like how you say "we" like you work at Microsoft and you chipped in a couple of million for these things.

Then again, looking at your comment history, that would make sense.

AngelicIceDiamond1599d ago

Why are people so obsessed with these manufactures going down? If anything they're looking up with PS4 sales going strong followed by MS.

Nintendo still has Zelda and Metroid to release. Plus their E3's will be great this in my strong opinion.

I know there is this realistic tendacy of the impending nightmare of "When" or "who" could possibly get axed but its something I don't wanna think about because to me it won't happen.

All three will be here to stay. Besides I don't want the Iphone/ IOS android facebook game market to take over, if that every happens then I'm out of gaming.

MrSwankSinatra1599d ago

When you think about Microsoft's History in gaming consoles, they did set some bad business practices into motion when they entered the gaming console market. Hence why a lot of people wouldn't really care to see Microsoft leave. While i have no personal problem with Microsoft i have to call a spade a spade, gaming was a lot better when it was just SEGA, Nintendo & Sony.

Tuxmask551599d ago

Heck, I remember when it was SEGA, Nintendo, and Atari.

IRetrouk1599d ago

Tbf while im not really a big fan of microsoft they have also done some things well, psn wouldnt be what it is now if not for live, micosoft really pushed online gaming for consoles, and although sony gives you a much better deal with ps+, we wouldnt have it if microsoft hadnt spent the energy on getting live mainstream.

Magnes1598d ago

I remember going in to EB to to buy my beloved Dreamcast that Peter Moore;formerly of Sega then Microsoft now EA told me was the future of gaming. Thanks for the lies Pete..

candy_mafia1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )


I know, some have an OBSESSION with 'doom' article. As if we don't have enough of them...

Nobody needs to leave the console race. PS4, Wii U, Xbone or whatever....jus let our hobby alone!!!

Godmars2901599d ago

Nintendo "Doomed" with enough money in the bank to last half a century.

Sony "Doomed" with their movie and game divisions the only things that looks positive.

MS "Doomed" with two - really three - bad console launches in terms of reputation at least. Their game division only ever really an experiment of the software company's in consumer electronics.

One can still experiment all it wants, the other likely wont survive if it takes a bad turn, while the third could drop everything and walk away.

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