Why So Much Hate For Decapre?

The Tyuno Project: "So a couple of weeks ago during the Final Round 17 event in Atlanta, Capcom made a huge announcement about the unveiling of the newest character in the upcoming game, Ultra Street Fighter 4. Rumors was going around that this new character has never been in a Street Fighter game, so many gamers was hyped to see the reveal. When Capcom finally announced that Decapre was the newest character, many gamers was left unhappy and social media was flooding with hatred for the new Street Fighter character. So my question I have to ask is why so much hate for Decapre?"

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Fireseed1605d ago

Because it's the epitome of Capcom's "add a few minor things" and then re-release the ENTIRE game. Decapre is more of a sympton of the actual problem. Cause the character herself is pretty cool, and has some unique moves. But in terms of actual effort... she's literally just re-skin of Cammy.

I mean in previous SF4 iterations they were introducing whole new characters! Like Hakan, and El Fuerte. Completely new characters, but in USF4 we're getting Hugo, Poison, Rolento, Elena, and Decapre. All characters who have seen previous iterations.