PSLS - Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends: Complete Edition Review (PS4)

From PSLS:

"This is the first review in quite a while where I’ve actually struggled to put down the controller so I can focus on writing. Lu Bu and his gorgeous red pigtails, I mean…feathers? So distracting."

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knifefight1456d ago

I kinda burned myself out on Dynasty Warriors, but might give this a go once it's in the bins, and I've had some more buffer time.

ShowGun9011455d ago

DW is always great if you have someone to co-op with. probably some of my best gaming times ever have been on a DW game... single player isn't as much fun, but to me, certian games are all about whos playing with you, not the game so much.

my wife loves DW, and were probably gonna sink over 200 hours into this one!

MightyNoX1455d ago

I believe there's an option to play co-op online if you want to take a stab at that.

ShowGun9011455d ago

yep, there is, but everybody i know plays it, ive got 7 people to co-op with, in person. nothing beats sitting on the couch, screaming at each other! LOL!

Master-H1455d ago

The most annoying thing about DW8 for me was the damn wind effect on some weapons, i god damn hate it. Oh and the AI is still atrocious as usual for DW games.