Dark Souls 2 images with fancier graphics removed from Steam

Namco Bandai has removed all images relating to the older, graphically superior builds of Dark Souls 2 from the Steam store page. This would appear to confirm that the PC version will look the same as the console releases.

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Xof1573d ago

Let the shitstorm and rage commence.

Well, not that it ever stopped.

Bob Dole1573d ago

"We will, of course, still be getting higher resolutions; and the larger installation size for the PC version suggests higher quality textures too. 60fps has also been confirmed in a pre-release press statement."

As long as the game is 1080/60fps who cares?

Xof1572d ago

So many PC gamers are graphics whores.

yeahokchief1572d ago

Where did that term "graphic whore" originate?

KING851573d ago

I'm sure modded can take care of this. Shouldn't have to, but it is what it is I guess.

chrisgay1573d ago

"Dark Souls 2 on PC will have parity with the console releases. We will, of course, still be getting higher resolutions; and the larger installation size for the PC version suggests higher quality textures too. 60fps has also been confirmed in a pre-release press statement."

That ain't parity...

Hugodastrevas1573d ago

Screw the "pc master race", the games that sell the best on steam are early access and the only reason they got a pc release of dark souls was because a petition the fans signed... And what they did after they get it? They bitched to high heaven like entitled litle shits. Screw the "pc master race guys"!

Allsystemgamer1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

You clearly know absolutely nothing about the dark souls situation on PC.

The game when it released ran like crap, worse than consoles in some cases, was fps locked up to 30, resolution locked at 720p AND used GFWL. Even the MENU lagged and stuttered.

No game has ever had that bad of a match up.

Not to mention ONE GUY fixed all of that in less than 30 minutes.

They didn't bitch and moan. They quietly asked for it to be released on PC with a completely legitimate petition. Then it was confirmed to release and it came out broken.

It ot was broken on consoles you'd be bitching and moaning too so just be quiet and don't talk about things that are above your comprehension level.

Hugodastrevas1573d ago

You clearly know a lot about the developers of Dark Souls...Not!
Look at this list and tell me the experience they have in developing games for pc :

Demon's Souls sold great without the pc crowd and Dark Souls sold better in consoles as well and i tell you what Dark Souls 2 will sell better on consoles!
I will say it again, From Software took a risk releasing on a platform they didn't understand because people asked for it on a petition and they only got flak for it, the Souls community was fine before pc elitists barged in ruining the game with "hacks" and "visual downgrades", don't like it? Don't buy it!

Allsystemgamer1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )


Clearly you've never heard of asking for help. The port team could have literally consulted a more experienced team. Stop defending something that has no excuse.

If I'm tasked with a job and I don't know how to do it I consult people who do. Plain and simple.

Somebody1573d ago

It's a risk From Software and a lot of developers have to take seeing that next gen consoles are much nearer to PCs compared to the last gen. Making exclusives is fine and all but one of these days they will be asked by publishers to do some form ports from or to the PC so it pays to be knowledgeable instead of dumping everything to some unknown dev. They have to start somewhere.

Haven't you noticed there are more and more Japanese devs/publishers are porting their games to the PC? Five years ago you couldn't even dream of actually seeing a petition coming true but in 2013 alone we see one console exclusive after another appearing on the PC.

It's a good thing when you pointed early access games being the being selling ones on Steam because it represent perfectly what a PC gamer is. In the past PC gamers have flooded the internet with technical problems for devs to fix. We have patches and fixes that console fans love to highlight as one of the PC's major weaknesses. Early access games allow participation and immediate feedback. It's like post launch bitching but in reverse and much more constructive plus there is a possibility that there will be less bitching after launch since the major problems are ironed out.

PC gamers bitched about Borderlands. Gearbox listened to them and released a much better version in Borderlands 2 to high praises. The devs can't learn if there's no one there to bitch about the problems.

yeahokchief1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Hugo you're basically being manipulated by a handful of entitled losers who like to complain. Don't bother.

Everyone knows from goes above and beyond to release quality games. They bent over backwards to do a pc release being unfamiliar releasing games on pc and all they got was whiny little brat complaints.

N4G is overrun by whiny pc babies. No point in trying to reason with scumbags.


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