After The Hype: Titanfall Has Lots Of Hits, But a Few Big Misses

It’s been two weeks since Titanfall, the first offering from fledgling developer Respawn Entertainment, released as one of the most anticipated games in recent memory, and it delivers an fresh experience that strives to keep pace with the game’s pre-launch hype. Amidst the mechs and mayhem, however, Titanfall has a few areas that leave something to be desired.

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UbiquitousClam1276d ago

I agree with what he says about the lack of campaign, the multiplayer campaign is very meh and doesn't work very well but his section on Player count is stupid.

He says in Attrition "killing bots counts every bit as much as killing an enemy pilot". No It doesn't! Bots are worth 1 attrition point, pilots are worth more, more still if you kill them and destroy there titan, if you go into attrition and just farm bots you will loose, having more pilot kills will always be more important.

He even recounts how respawn have said many times they tested the game with higher player counts and 6v6 offers the best balance!. Having 12 v 12 may seem better in your head but having 24 titans on a map would just not work.
This idea that just throwing more players onto a map instantly makes the game better needs to end.

ScottyHoss1276d ago

It worked pretty well in 64 player BF4 matches. Maybe it's something they will incorporate into the sequel. Not going on a fanboy comment rage storm of negativity but with 24 titans on a map the game would be awesome, however I assume (just an opinion) they left that out due to the lack of power of the XB1, as this was Microsofts system seller and if PC had 24 titans it would decrease XB1 sales if the system couldn't keep up. But the robots are essential to the gameplay, but more pilots or the option would be cool too.

Sayai jin1276d ago

Titan fall is a good game and is packed with fun. IMO these are the things that I feel could use some work:

The AI for the Spectres is very basic to dumbed-down, but according to Respawn they were made that way to help the casual players feel like they accomplish something. The AI for the Titans are a little better.

Lack of game modes. Simply, they need more modes to keep people coming back for a long time. Respawn is working on this now.

The lack of a true campaign does not bother me, but it matters to other people. I do not see them doing anything for this and to add that Respawn highlighted that it would not have a traditional campaign from the start. They did not lead people to believe anything else.

6 vs 6 is a good call with the size of maps they have. It would be nice if the maps were bigger and you could play 12 v 12 or 24 v 24! Right now it is balanced to the size of the maps.

Private matches need to be added which I believe is coming in the near future.

I'm still having a blast with this game and will continue for the for seeable future.

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