inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail Part 2 Now Available; Adds Another Nice Chunk of Bonus Gameplay

The second part of the Paper Trail mission line for inFAMOUS: Second Son has just been made available in the game. All you have to do to access it, provided that you completed the first part, is running to the southern end of the bridge connecting the two parts of Seattle, and start the mission.

Warning: the videos below include spoilers.

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DEEBO1576d ago

Yes more reason to play this great game.

Abriael1576d ago

This new mission is a lot of fun too. IMHO so far the paper trail is easily the best part of the game.

morganfell1576d ago

I really like the detective part of it. I went through the game twice, once good, once absolutely evil and cleared 100% both times so being able to go back with very little DUP presence and focus on the Paper Trail has been great.

Wracking my brain on some of the puzzlers has been half the fun. I am getting ready to start the second part of Paper Trail so here is to hoping it is as good as the first.

devwan1576d ago

I wouldn't say it's the best, that's going too far, but it does mix things up nicely and the off-ps4 aspects of paper trail are where the fun really lies.

The puzzles in paper trail are also suitably measured - there's nothing too taxing but not too much overly trivial either - it definitely feels fun solving the problems without leaving you stumped. That can't have been easy to achieve really.

Looking forward to solving all 6 episodes and receiving paper powers - all those newspaper dispensing machines are dotted around Seattle for a reason :D

MRMagoo1231576d ago

Just adding more amazing to the already amazing imo. PS4 is def the right purchase to be made for any gamer.

joab7771576d ago

Pt. 2. Where'S part 3?

Abriael1576d ago

Next week, They're gonna open one part a week.

DarkHeroZX1576d ago

Hey guys check out my custom PS4 and tell me what you think.

Nicaragua1576d ago

I like the idea but honestly mate i think that design looks pretty crap.

DarkHeroZX1575d ago


fair opinion. I guess everyone has different taste I assume. Many people of the people in my FB group liked it but i guess it's not for everyone.

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Nightfallen1576d ago

I really love this mechanic. I hope they expand on it further and keep doing it, especially since the game doesn't have much side stuff going on. Would be cool if there was an app as well to manage all this stuff but jumping on the PC is fine.

fenome1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Same here, I actually enjoyed the computer portion of it a lot more than I thought I would. It's cool actually looking through the evidence and playing the detective. Free bonus missions are awesome. Who can complain about free dlc right?

It would be f*ing EPIC if they added a New Game+ option with higher difficulty so you could start a new game and play with ALL your powers right from the start though!!

Tell me that wouldn't be freakin' sweet!
Especially considering they don't give you much time to play with ALL your powers.

Tempest3171576d ago

I actually made a3rd playthrough and did no side missions or dup checkpoints (other than the 2-3 mandatory ones so that way I could play most the game wiyh all powers :) I agree, new game+ is one of only 2 things I would like to see added...the 2nd wpuld be an option to choose a time of day after the story mode. Just a few options, day/night and rain/no rain would be 100% fine with me. Oh yeah, and put in a karma bomb for the last power set! So 3 things I guess :)

Nightfallen1576d ago

That would be great but unfortunately the way the missions were written won't make sense since half the time you spend acquiring these powers. Meaning most missions are you trying to obtain them so it wouldn't make sense to try get neon when you already have it. Have they approached that differently a new game + would have been incredible.

fenome1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )


I'm on my second (evil) playthrough on expert right now, and I've decided that once I'm done with this I'm gonna go through it again and only do main missions as well. That way I can just play around with all my power sets. The last power definitely needs a karma bomb! :)


Yeah, I thought about that too.. Maybe if they just gave you the option to repopulate the city with D.U.P. or something. Hopefully there'll be some DLC, maybe they'll add something like that, maybe some new boss battles or something? I don't know, this game is a blast though, I'm diggin' it!

At least we still have these Paper Trail missions to keep us occupied with in the meantime.

sourav931575d ago

I dunno, I thought that if you do side missions as well as main missions, you can play around with your powers quite nicely for a while. Only power you don't get much time to play around with is the last one, and you know why. And IMO, **SPOILER** the last power is the worst of the lot.

fenome1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )


That's true too, I haven't started the 3rd playthrough yet and honestly I don't know if I have the self-restraint to not go after the D.U.P. Whenever I even see one of their vehicles on my mini-map I completely stop what I'm doing and will go out of my way to eliminate them. lol

I guess I just agree with everybody about everything right now on this topic. I don't think that's ever happened in one comment streak before, nice!

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URNightmare1576d ago

I can't complete the sign up from my smartphone for some reason. Looks like I have to do it on my PC, something I haven't used in ages!! lol

-EvoAnubis-1576d ago

Just finished Part Two. I think I liked the puzzles in this one better than in Part One; these seemed much for fun to solve. Felt more like I figured them out rather than just got lucky.

Should be cool to see what Part Three brings when it drops next week!

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