Club Nintendo adds Yoshi's New Island t-shirt

Club Nintendo has added a new reward. As of now, members can place an order for a Yoshi’s New Island t-shirt.

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admiralvic1430d ago

While the article doesn't say it, I think it's lame that the shirt only comes in small and large.

BelkingOfSony1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

how many stars are required to get the shirt?

@rockefellow - thank you, + bubble for helpful, and i admit i never bothered clicking on the website for the info.

Rockefellow1429d ago

It's for North America, so it's coins, and it's 800. The article itself said so, had you bothered to look yourself.

Ilovetheps41429d ago

Yeah, I was going to go get one because I have a ton of coins saved up, but they didn't have a medium size. Guess I'll just have to keep saving my coins.

3-4-51429d ago

K is that Japanese Large or MERICA large ?

admiralvic1429d ago

Sizes: Small (18” W x 28” L) or Large (22” W x 30” L).

WeAreLegion1429d ago

Nice, but I want more merch from the original game. It's one of my favorites.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1429d ago

Damn 800 coins that's a lot. I want to get the Zelda poster sets, they look amazing. But I think they're about 500 coins. And it will take me forever to get that many coins. Guess I got to buy lots of games for my 3DS.

1429d ago