Gamers Are Not Anti-Social Basement Dwellers, Study Finds

Gamers are not anti-social basement dwellers as some would presume, according to the findings of a new study published recently. Researchers analyzed the behavior of thousands of online gamers--most notably those who play MMOs like World of Warcraft--and determined that anti-social behavior is an oddity, not a regular occurrence, and that playing online games can actually enhance a person's social life. The study, Public Displays of Play: Studying Online Games in Physical Settings, was published in The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication by researchers at North Carolina State University, York University, and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

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randomass1711576d ago

A few are, I'm sure. Hence the stereotype, but it's a stereotype nonetheless.

elmaton981575d ago

You're right but some of them are better at taking decisions far beyond their friends or family members since( since as proven by these so call"stydies"prove) gamers are more logicals thinkers then most "normal" people.

MasterCornholio1575d ago

"I have to drive slow because its my stereotype." Old Man from Kung Phooey

3-4-51575d ago

What if your both ? haha.

I have friends, but most don't game, so when I do play games it is by myself, which makes gaming for me anti-social, but I still have friends I hang out with and do non gaming things.

^ I think that makes up a large percentage of gamers than people think ( and no not just because it applies to me).

* I see a lot of people suggest " just play with your friends if you don't want to play with randoms".

* Not everybody's friends play games, so I'm kind of forced to play solo or if it's a multiplayer, just hope your teamates aren't D-bag bro turds.

Skate-AK1575d ago

Exactly how I am. Have a good amount of friends but most of them don't play games. If they do its crappy COD.

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just-joe1575d ago

I guess they had extra money after they cured cancer... wait.

3-4-51575d ago

Didn't NEED a study, but if somebody offered you money to test this theory, would you not accept?

chrissx1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Those underground dwellers are game freaks

NeoTribe1575d ago

Can i be a upstairs dweller or does that not count?

XiNarutoUzumaki1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I play video games just every day, but I'm also a party, college, working guy. I have a stressful life outside, and Video games help me to deal with tress and bore times.

I play video games because they suit some of my needs in life, like making decisions and taking my own path to do anything. Although my parents yell at me for sometimes playing too much playing(4-6 hrs a day), I also have responsabilities outside. I hate when Gamers are sometimes seen as jerks and anti-social persons.

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