Sonic the Hedgehog: Top Five Review - RetroLuster [GameLuster]

There was a time when Sonic's face on a product actually meant something. But which classic Sonic game tops this personal reflection? - By Chris Reid

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SegaGamer1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Just for once it would be nice to come across a Sonic article that doesn't start with the usual Sonic bashing. It's boring and as soon as i see it i stop reading.

I'm pretty sure the Titanfall fans or GTA fans would feel the same if those games were treated this way. I'm sure the people that write these things think that everyone hates new Sonic games. Well they couldn't be more wrong.

New Sonic games aren't even bad, it's just that the gaming world is full of whiny babies that can't move on from the 2D days.