PS4 Has 1,000 Indie Devs Signed On To Make Games, Xbox One Only Has 250

Over the next year the PlayStation 4 will receive 100 games. Those 100 games are basically guaranteed to launch in 2014. This was made clear in 2013 during Sony's E3 press conference. Even more than that, the future of the PlayStation brand is in good hands, as Sony has secured the services of more than 1,000 independent developers.

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buzzkiller61421455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

its going to be about the quality at the end of the day. good number for sony anyways.

One of the difference between the two self publishing programs is the application process between the two. MS has to be careful who they offer their program to since they are giving each dev free dev kits and a unity licence

Ashlen1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Unity is free.

buzzkiller61421455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

unity pro is not free, it costs $1,500

pedrof931455d ago

Remember when MS said that every X1 was a dev kit ?

Ok, guess what ? NOT.

morganfell1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Free PS4 Dev kits:

Add to this Morpheus.

I said before Truefan above that E3 was going to be a bloodbath. I used those very words a few days ago. It will be. And Sony will be the last one standing. It isn't my kind of game but be prepared to see Respawn on the Sony stage.

alexkoepp1455d ago

Nice, 1250 games in development that I couldn't care less about

chrismichaels041455d ago

Like i said earlier, I love how the same people complaining about the strong indie support on PS4 were the same people bragging about XBL arcades on the 360. Either way, Im glad to see so many indie studios and big name developers showing so much support and respect for the PS4. Ill think of this next time I hear someone say "PS4 has no games".

MorePowerOfGreen1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Yet MSFT has shown they have real games being made vs boasting about having support.

Can somebody link me videos of atleast 6 new PS4 indie games that are coming out?

Godmars2901454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Is every XB1 currently a dev kit though? When is that suppose to happen?

Why if its happened already does MS have such a small pool of devs?

What real games versus the ones Sony has already shown?


Prime1571454d ago

Morepowerofgreen, just go to the official PlayStation YouTube channel. I'm not holding your hand through your ignorance and stupidity.

There has been 1-2 indie games releasing each week for the last 2 months. Cheap, GOOD games.

The fools on here who don't know what AAA vs indie actually mean. AAA is just a sales forecast, nothing to do with quality.

UltimateMaster1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

"its going to be about the quality at the end of the day."

Uhh... PS4 has all of the indie devs that Xbox One has, plus 3 times more other devs.

We're talking indies. Yeah, numbers count.
"Let's go beyond the resolution debate or quality.." You have more choice on the PS4, it's that simple.

You're not counting the multi-platform indies that are going to be on all platforms.

gigoran1454d ago

MS officially said before the xbone launch that EVERY xbone would be able to be developer kits. That EVERY owner would be able to make their own games.

Do some research and google. You will see what was said is true.

So MS lied. Simple. Can't argue against it.

Kryptix1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

As long as the indie games are categorized effectively, sorting the top rated games to be put first on the list...then, I welcome the 1,000 developers plus more.

Never say there's no indie game worth your money on consoles because last gen proved otherwise. It's not like indie games were equivalent to the 60 dollar price tag. Much, much less than that.

And it's something called, having more options. You'll have a higher chance finding a game you'll really like when the market is bigger as long as it's sorted very well. A "Top 10 indies of the month" chart would be nice, digging out the diamonds out of the dirt.

And the Xbox fanboy "quality over quantity" argument is illogical and flawed. 250 developers will someday be 500 then 1,000 so what will be said then? I doubt MS has quality control as there are plans to turn every Xbox One into a developer's kit meaning that anyone will be able to upload a game, let it be good or awful. Unless they stepped out of that plan, wouldn't be surprised.

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Lucreto1455d ago

I don't think they are going to be careful as don't forget each console will become a dev kit and the flood gates of clones will emerge.

Jazz41081454d ago

Ms just mentioned this last week. They still plan on every console to be made a dev kit and its coded that way since launch but obviously they need to have limitations and that program according to ms is being worked on while we speak. For devs that are just starting out ms is flat out the better deal as they help the dev with all the equipment and in some cases like last gen will provide money to get it off the ground. I really do hope ms picks quality over quanity as 360 has way to many games in the indy section and that does not include xbox arcade which is seperate.

Blaze9291455d ago

This could be a good thing for Microsoft. On the Xbox 360 there are over THREE THOUSAND indie titles sitting there and just keeps gaining number everyday:

you cant find ANYTHING worth value in there - no one wants to shift through all that.

So while Sony has the higher number, I'm supporting Microsoft's stricter terms. Because again, as an Xbox user from Xbox 360 - we don't want that vast numbers of indies flooding the marketplace again.

sinspirit1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Being less reasonable is different from being more "strict".

Seriously. Lococycle?

-EvoAnubis-1454d ago

I think the indies on the 360 gave you the wrong idea about what indie games are like. Games in the indie section on the 360 were EXTREMELY limited. By way of a for instance, file size was limited to 50MB, and they were completely unregulated. MS's version of indie games was basically a poor man's App Store, and that's NOT what the high quality indie developers are about, and that for damn sure isn't what Sony is doing here.

If you want to see what real high quality indie games are like, check out games like Rogue Legacy, Amnesia, Outlast, and The Stanley Parable.

Trust me, man; there's a lot more to indies than what the 360 has led you to believe.

-EvoAnubis-1454d ago

Let me explain even further. You've shown what the indie games section on the XBL Marketplace is like. Now let me show you what the indie section of the PlayStation Store is like:


As you can see, there's not nearly as many as what's on the Marketplace, but the quality is MUCH higher because it's regulated.

Prime1571454d ago

I'm sorry you think those are the same as what we're talking about...

PlayStation 3 had games like that too, and called them minis. Heh, but your ignorance is cute after linking that.

jetlian1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

The indie tab on 360 was just for under 4 dollar games. Xbla was for 5-20 dollar games! Anyway MS getting super time force in june.

360 had better indie games last gen but sony trying this time

DigitalRaptor1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

I'm sorry, that you are ignorant to what indie games are or can be. It's not your fault at all, you are just a victim of circumstance, and deserve to be educated.

-EvoAnubis- basically showed you how it's done. Microsoft's indie game category has led you to believe that poor unregulated games is where the standard for independent development lies. The link you posted is basically a list of games that may as well be mobile phone game apps (the graphics and file size limit of 50MB). Is this really where Xbox gamers get their source of indie games from? Jesus.

PS4's indie games are absolutely NOTHING like that list of unregulated garbage. The closest that has come to that level are the PlayStation Minis - - there were only about 350 of these, and they have certainly gone through more QA testing than these 3000 indie games on the 360.

Sony regulates everything that comes through them. They are just more open to developers who have good ideas to contribute to this industry. And let's not pretend that Sony doesn't make gamers well aware of what each of these games are like through channels like their Blog or Youtube channels. You have plenty of opportunity to pay attention to which games you think are worthy of your money.

Microsoft will have stricter terms, yet they let absolute garbage like Lococycle and Crimson Dragon through? Please just end this selected logic.

wsoutlaw871454d ago

You seem to be under the impression that ms has less games because of some quality standards which is not the case at all.
By the way, the term is "sift through" not shift through.

Kryptix1454d ago

"you cant find ANYTHING worth value in there - no one wants to shift through all that."

That's why you sort it by "Top Rated" and see what most people enjoyed. I played Dead Pixel with a friend, that was an amazing zombie game. I played Total Miner before Minecraft was confirmed for 360 and that helped fill that type of game on the console for a while.

The problem is that you have a very narrow view of what an indie game is because MS were strict with that marketplace and set limits. What I truly find funny is that 250 will, in a few years, be 1,000+ so yea, that argument of quality over quantity cannot be valid in this case.

What your defending is not true because there is no quality control on MS's part. Do you remember MS wanted/wants every Xbox One to be a dev kit? Do you really think they'll supervise every single game to see if it doesn't have game breaking flaws? I doubt that...

Your support has no meaning, just fanboyism making the choice for you if you accept that the only strict thing MS is doing to indies is the launch parity clause.

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imt5581455d ago

Xbone fans are unbelievable. Suddenly their math is 250 indies are bettet than PS4's 1000. Quality vs. Quantity. What a stuuuuuupid theory. Infact, 98% of those 250 developers signed for PS4 anyway.

Xbone fans, just accept that PS4 is better console. Neither DX12, neither cloud won't save Xbone. Deal with it!!!

scotmacb1454d ago

I just don't like playstation games i prefer xbox games

kickerz1454d ago

How about we see how good these games actually are before we all start beating our chests.

HacSawJimThugin1454d ago

I don't like Dual Shock controllers IMO they are the worst controllers ever made behind the Original Xbox controller. If I could plug a 360 or X1 controller into a PS I'd give it a go. The fun and experience I am having with my X1 trumps your stronger hardware talk. I have no desire at all to own a PS that is all.

Rivitur1454d ago

You can connect the Xbone control to the PS4 its a little USB contraption that goes for about 60$ on the internet

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otherZinc1454d ago

I most certainly didn't spend 4 & $500 on a next generation console for some damn Indie Games.

What about the AAA Games???

showtimefolks1454d ago

its funny how indies were the big thing when they were on xbox arcade(xbox360) but now they a lot of them went with sony/ps4 now all of the sudden indies are over rated and you couldn't care less

very nice

GT671454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

1,000 indies games???? after researching not one indie developer make FPS open world games. is RPG,SHOOTERS,BEAT 'EM UPS, SIDE SCROLLING games making a come back??

is that the ticket?? old school type gaming coming back??
if true all things in life do recycle including video games.

BallsEye1454d ago

Exactly, and anyway....I hate those number talks, I only care about games that are OUT NOW. Sony was saying how many more games it will have on launch window than xbox...ended up only with killzone (not caring about knack) and SS just recently while I have already a quite large library on my XO.

I wanna see games released, really good games.

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This is very good news…..I did not buy an xbox one for Indies, I want games that push the console to its limits. I feel the same about the nintendo and playstation when I get them.

Indies are fun sometimes but not high on my gaming priority list.

DanteVFenris6661455d ago

Outlast was one of the best games this year and it was indie. Ps4 is also getting daylight. The best horror are indie. Some aren't great but there is a lot of indie gems that can compete with these triple A titles

Concertoine1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Indie horror is the best, compared to what? Dead Space?
Vast majority of indie horror is nothing more than jumpscare fodder made for people like Pewdiepie to shriek to so those devs can make bank off the exposure youtube personas give them.
Its not fair to say indie horror is the best when the last true survival horror game from a big developer was maybe Condemned in 2005? Maybe Fatal Frame 4 if you count it.
Outlast and Amnesia are among the exceptions, of which there are few.

aerisbueller1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

"This is very good news…..I did not buy an xbox one for Indies"
implying that having more indie games available for your console somehow prevents you from only buying games that push the console to it's limits

"I want games that push the console to its limits"
You should have probably picked the console that has the higher limits then

quenomamen1455d ago

Yea, I hate having the choice to play many types of games and am satisfied with sub 1080p games for the most part.

FriedGoat1455d ago


Its actually going to be harder to push the limits of a console with higher limits no?

sinspirit1455d ago


But, the PS4 does have more development teams working with it to achieve that, and the development tools are better.

aerisbueller1453d ago

No, it usually doesn't work that way, at least not for machines in the same league as eachother. In this case because of the clunky ESRAM design, XBoxOne is harder to push to it's limits than ps4

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Xsilver1455d ago

Titanfall 792p with framrate that drops below 30 fps. Limit Reached

isa_scout1455d ago

Funny that I didn't notice what with all the fun I've been having playing TitanFall.
All this bickering between console owners is childish...Remember when a good game was a good game no matter what, and people didn't argue over miniscule differences like FPS and resolution? God I miss those days.
I bet that all the Playstation 4 gamers(myself included as I own both)wont mind a bit when TitanFall 2 lands on the PS4.

Xsilver1455d ago

Good for you buddy boy But aren't we talking about games that are pushing limits :/ so what your saying is just off topic Boy Bye.

isa_scout1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

If you truly think that is the limit of what the Xbox One is capable of then you're nuts. The PS4 hasn't reach it's limits and neither has the One. Both consoles will mature over time as developers figure out the hardware capabilities...
By the way, what I said was no more off topic than your initial comment. If you are incapable of having a mature adult conversation then I suggest you sit down and let the grown ups talk. I was a "Boy" when I was your age.


I'm not sure what game your talking about because I never have these issues on titanfall. In fact I'm willing to be you don't even own titanfall. I'd go even further and say you don't have an X1. I'm basing this on the fact that not a single person who I've played titanfall with has complained about the crap your saying. No go enjoy KZ with its 1k players online lol...

Xsilver1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

". The PS4 hasn't reach it's limits and neither has the One. Both consoles will mature over time as developers figure out the hardware capabilities... "

I love this comment sooooooooooooo much Xbox has been making improvements even before the console launched then they Dropped the SDK and everything But Titanfall still only hit 792p and still couldn't hold 60 fps even tho it's basically a last gen game whereas the PS4 hasn't even made one hardware improvement and their games are outperforming the Xone now imagine when they start those improvements, let's act like we don't know which console is closer to it's limits Boy Bye.

"I'm not sure what game your talking about because I never have these issues on titanfall."

So because you didn't notice it, it doesn't exist well you better go let Digital Foundry Know.

"No go enjoy KZ with its 1k players online lol..."

ok :/.

GTgamer1455d ago

"I'm basing this on the fact that not a single person who I've played titanfall with has complained about the crap your saying"

Lying to yourself will get you no where(•ิ_•ิ).

r2oB1454d ago

@ blkxseptember

What difference does it make if there are 1,000 or 1,000,000 players online when you can only play with 11 (6v6) at a time? Do you really think you are going to cycle through and play all those millions of other gamers?

n4rc1454d ago

So a game like GTA 5 that's using hardware worse then my current cell phone, suddenly were peaking at month 4..

What a joke.. Too many trolls on n4g.. Or the biggest collection of ignorance and arrogance Lol.. Either or

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ShowGun9011455d ago

LOL my console has less options, thats great!

seriously, more options are always better! isn't that the xbones rallying cry around the kinect?

if only half of sonys indie devs produce killer games, thats still twice as many as on the xbone... im not really sure how that becomes a positive note on the back of the xbones box...

Half as many great games!

Blaze9291455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

3,000+ indie titles right now - that's "ok" to you? Hmm, whatever floats your boat...or search bar rather.

scott1821455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

So what did you upgrade to next gen for? Upgraded resolution and graphics? Sony has that in the bag.
I thought people have been pushing "play the games not the resolution" this whole time anyways. So that particular quote doesn't work if it doesn't match the current agenda? Some of the most fun I have had with gaming have been with indie games.

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-Foxtrot1455d ago

It's funny because at one time Microsoft was all for Indies then roughly the same time Kinect came along and Microsoft started to go downhill with the Xbox 360 they just went weird on them.

Now it seems they are playing catch up because they know they need to make the effort again.


Maybe they realized that people like indies but they aren't THAT big of a deal. I honestly feel like the only reason they are such a big deal now is because Sony is using them as a scapegoat for not having as many AAA games to show right now.

MightyNoX1455d ago

Watch Jimquisition's video "Why ps4 is kicking---". Indies are not system sellers, he says, but are GREAT system justifiers. Whilst MS has blown its load too early with Titanfall and has nothing from here on out till August, PS4's steady stream of indies and PS+ games will keep us entertained between AAA releases.

iamnsuperman1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

indies are so important since the second tier game market crashed and burned. The problem is these big AAA games that cost $60 dominate the market which means new ips or second tier games don't really get a foot in and so don't sell. What has happened is the amount of games (different games) being produced is smaller than it use to be. Also release windows are pushed to key dates in the calendar for these big blockbuster titles so we get these huge void of nothing being release for a lot of the year

This is where indies fill in the gap. They are cheap and often try new things (because they have too to stand out). These games make people believe they are getting good value for money with their new system as there not really spending a huge amount on top of the system. These people only buy(and in a way have only bought) four or five big titles because at $60 a pop it is just too expensive. Indies are a big deal

xhi41455d ago

@MelMan26 - I've got to say, some of my favourite experiences on consoles of recent have been indie games. THey're great because there are so many quality ones and they are incredible inbetween the huge games and many times give me more enjoyment/experience and emotion than the big guns.

Limbo, Journey & Guacamelee to name a few.

supes_241455d ago

Melman, I keep hearing the "lack of AAA titles" excuse but tell me how that differs from the One.

n4rc1454d ago

That importance is pretty weak right now..

There are too many big name games then I can play on x1.. Ryse, forza, dr3, bf4, rayman or titanfall.. Have watch dogs, ea ufc, destiny etc all on the horizon.

There is no need to resort to indie games to fill gaps that don't exist..

If you like them, buy them.. If you don't, then don't.. Their sales show their true popularity.. Making them seem more important then they are is a futile effort imo

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H3ADWOUND811454d ago

That makes perfect sense tho doesn't it? Microsoft at one time was all for indies, gave it a try, realised it wasn't as lucrative as predicted.. Went sour on indies, concentrated more on big budget AAA's... Classic MS.. Powered by greed, whatever the cost.. Seems now tho it's kinda backfired... Wa wa wa waaaa...

n4rc1454d ago

Ya.. businesses aren't supposed to care about making money..


ElementX1455d ago

I like indie games but there are way too many of them with retro graphics and old style gameplay. I know there are fans of old school games however the market is being flooded by them currently and I hope I don't have to dig through tons of crap to find good games on PSN and Live. I wonder how many of the 1000 are working on retro titles?

ElementX1455d ago

Also, I highly recommend you buy them on PC if you have a semi-decent machine. They're much cheaper on steam, greenmangaming, gamersgate, amazon, etc. Many of the upcoming console indies are already available on PC as well.

Gozer1455d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

250 indies working on games for the X1 is more than the 360 had throughout its entire lifetime, and you sound like you know how cluttered the 360s marketplace was with shovelware. 1,000 for the ps4 is going to be an utter sh**storm of shovelware games.

ElementX1454d ago

No I don't know how it is however I buy a lot of indies on Steam and just look at the submissions for Greenlight and the games on Desura. They are mostly crap

coolguy1231454d ago

I mean if you owned a PS4 youd see that indie games has its own section in the PS store. Its not gonna be some big clutter of games flooding the store.