Console Gaming Not Dead in Japan, Microsoft Says

"It's critical for us in the industry that we continue to invest there and see great games come out," Xbox boss Phil Spencer says. Overall, Spencer stressed that the Japanese market is "critical" and even teased that Microsoft has first-party games in development in the region.

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christocolus1483d ago

"Overall, Spencer stressed that the Japanese market is "critical" and even teased that Microsoft has first-party games in development in the region."

Nice...I hope these games are all localized for the west.

Irishguy951483d ago

"Microsoft Says"

Haha, it's dead for you buddy

ChrisW1483d ago


How would you like to smell my shoe?

medman1482d ago

I have come to notice that when a Microsoft games studio representative's mouth is moving, outrageous lies are being told with increasing frequency. Sony is still selling tens of thousands of ps3's in Japan while the 360 is selling in the low hundreds. Know when to hold em' and know when to fold em' Microsoft.

hiptanaka1483d ago

Console gaming may not be dead in Japan, but Microsoft pretty much is.

MasterCornholio1483d ago

I honestly dont see how Microsoft can do well in Japan.

alb18991483d ago

Is not hard science........if is about the games, then MS just have to invest in an study about what Japanese people like and give them the games they like......maybe at first they won't sell as good as ps4 but with the time they can have considerable presence in Japan.


Back-to-Back1483d ago

Majority of Japanese will not buy an xbox console. I dont see why MS wastes their time.

HappyWithOneBubble1483d ago

I was about to say the same thing. It took 5 years for 360 to reach 1m in Japan and I don't see XB1 reaching that in its life time.

ChrisW1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Three things:

1) Microsoft has never meant anything to Japanese, and most likely never will!

2) You see more mobile gaming ads on Japanese TV than all of the consoles combined.

3) Even the PS4 launch was considered "lackluster" in Japan. Sony being able to foretell this is probably why they waited so long to launch in Japan.

No_Limit1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

As long as we get the XB1 exclusives Lost Odyssey 2 and the Platinum new IP ported on XB1 in the States, the benefit will already been reap just like Lot Odyssey, Blue Dragon on X360. Japanese publishers like Konami (MGSV), Capcom (Resident Evil 20), Namco (Dark Souls) and SquareEnix (Kingdom Heart, Final Fantasy) will still provide support for XB1 in every part of the World so Xbox fans can enjoy those games regardless of the success in Japan is what matters.

To my trackers, downvote all you want but like Kurt Angle used to say "It's TRUE"

Edit @Lowsnamebrand,

"Did kojima say something along the lines of the ps4 version of MGSV:GZ is the version people should get? "

And you point? So XB1 owners that have no interest of owning a PS4 cannot not enjoy MGSV because it is a bit less than the PS4 version?

If that is the case, will PS3 owners not want Red Dead Redemption on their platform because it is not as good as the X360 version?

Play the game, not the spec.

Lowsnamebrand1483d ago

Did kojima say something along the lines of the ps4 version of MGSV:GZ is the version people should get?

MasterCornholio1483d ago

The Japanese buying an Xbox One to play Metal Gear is just absurd. Why would they buy an Xbox One when they can get the PS4 for less and the games that they like on that platform?

The main reason why the Xbox 360 wasn't sucessful in Japan is because it didn't have the type of games that the Japanese are interested in. The same will happen with the Xbox One. I dont see major developers of Japanese franchises producing games for the Xbox One given the history of Xbox in Japan.

No_Limit1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


I am not talking about just Japan if you read my post, I am talking about all region in which XB1 is sold and the benefit of MS presence in Japan and continue working with Japanese developers and publishers to ensure their games will be made available on XB1 everywhere it is sold.

MasterCornholio1483d ago

This article is about Japan so I just skimmed over your comment and thought you were on topic.

Guess I made a mistake.

But I still believe that Microsoft will never do as well as Sony or Nintendo in Japan even if they have one or two exclusives for the Japanese.

Why o why1483d ago

Since you mentioned last gen...

Where was you in all those digital foundry and lens of truth articles stating 'play the game, not the spec. We could of done with that sentiment. Truth is specs always mattered and always will from amiga vs atari and sega vs nintendo days to infinity and beyond. Nobody is losing any sleep over it so just think of it as banter like you would the sports team you support vs every other sports team.

In regards to ms in jpn.... its good that they are willing to make their presence felt however futile it may ultimately turn out to be. Everybody loves a trier. They did better with the 360 than the ogxbox so why can't they do better this time.

Hicken1483d ago

Two games is hardly a benefit.

In any case, even if Microsoft does finally get a handle on the Japanese market, it's likely too late. Japan has had more than a decade to decide whether or not it likes the Xbox brand, and it's no secret what they think.

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ArbitorChief1483d ago

It'll be an uphill battle for the Xbox to become relevant in the Japanese gaming industry. But if it flops in Japan, at least we'll get some quality Japanese titles from Microsoft, so it's a win win for the gamers.

hulk_bash19871483d ago

True, Microsoft has never really found it's footing in Japan with the Xbox brand. But who knows what will happen. Either way more JRPGs to come out this generation is a win in my book

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771483d ago


Even with JRPGS, it's still won't sell as good as they wanted to. You just blowing smoke right now!

hulk_bash19871482d ago


My comment seems to have gone over your head.

90Supra1483d ago

*when it flops in Japan

ArbitorChief1483d ago

Don't worry, nothing will ever flop harder than Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer ;) #DatDeadCommunity

Nicaragua1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I'm pretty sure LocoCycle flopped way more - yeah baby Lo co Cycle.

BTW: Shadowfall MP is really good, you should stop sniffing bell-ends and try it.

Illusive_Man1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

MS doesn't need to win Japan, it simply needs to continue to make in roads and show they are committed to the market. By doing this it is possible they can eventually secure stronger support from Japanese developers.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771483d ago


And they need to change that console to. Remember, they don't like ass systems. remember what happened to the first XBOX? did not even sell at all, so if they want to make it sell good, that system design has got to go, otherwise history of the first XBOX will repeat itself.

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