God of War on the NES

Carl Williams writes, "Everyone knows that God of War is a Sony owned intellectual property, one that would probably never be made available on a Nintendo system. That hasn’t stopped some ingenuitive game hackers who have created a God of War game on the venerable 8-Bit Nintendo. Yea, the NES that was released in the mid 80′s, almost 30 years ago. That one just got a God of War game, unofficially."

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cbuc11251359d ago

This should have been done on SNES.

triverse1359d ago

Yeah, that would be pretty interesting to see how this would look on the SNES. What game would they use as the base though? Actraiser 2?

hay1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Depends, I'd love to see it a bit more isometric with dodging instead of sidescrolling. Seiken Densetsu?

BelkingOfSony1359d ago

hope they made it as hard as nes games normally are, i want to see people rage as much as kratos

triverse1359d ago

They used Rygar as the base game for this hack so take that as you will.

No_Limit1359d ago

I had played GOW on the NES emulator on PC, it is called Rygar!

triverse1359d ago

As it is stated in the article (and here in the comments), this is a hack of Rygar. It is a "total conversion" of Tecmo's game.

dumahim1358d ago

It's funny because when I saw the headline, I thought, "Rygar would kind of be GoW in the NES days." Then saw the screenshot and laughed.

maniacmayhem1359d ago

I loved Rygar on the NES!

Guwapo771358d ago

Man I loved the hell out of Rygar! IF I still had a 480p TV I'd break it out.

Geobros1358d ago

Rygar was a very nice game to play on NES, nice base for making GOW.

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