Despite Being the "Uncool" Platforms, I'm Proud to Own a Wii U and Vita.

Phil Stortzum writes, "If systems were children in middle school, Nintendo's Wii U and Sony's PlayStation Vita would be the ones that were bullied all the time. Of course, there's really no emotional scarring when video game hardware is considered, unless you are VERY emotionally involved in gaming, but my analogy still holds some weight. The point here is that these two platforms are sort of like the fish floating at the top of the bowl, while the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS swim around happily below. ...I don't know why I felt the need to do yet another analogy.

ANYWAY... the Wii U and PlayStation Vita are on life support with poor hardware sales, worse software sales, and little hope of gaining any traction in the market. With the Wii U, many are doubting Nintendo's relevance in the industry, something that would have been shocking to think about a generation ago. It simply shows how quickly success comes and goes. We've learned that with Sony's transition between the ultra-successful PS2 and the once floundering PS3.

Regardless, even if these platforms are seen as "uncool" by gamers, I can't help but love and find both platforms severely underrated. Excuse me while I stand up and admit this to the group as if this were an A.A. meeting-- "I'm Phil Stortzum. I'm a gamer... and I'm proud to own a Wii U and PlayStation Vita.""

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TripC501483d ago

In my opinion the Vita looks super cool. The Wii U is the one that's uncool. But it plays Nintendo games and that's why I own one. I can't warrant a vita purchase though. Just no games for me on that system.

Snookies121483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

What kinds of games are you looking for, then? Just curious, as the Vita has a lot of really unique games and a majority of genres already present on the platform.

(I didn't give a disagree by the way, lol.)

TripC501483d ago

Mainly Nintendo games/ halo. That's why I own a Wii U. I own an Xbox One because I'm a halo fanatic (spent 50% of college nights playing Reach and 4)and love customizing cars on Forza. Waiting for a new Naughty dog game to even consider PS4. Vita doesn't have any killer must own must play games for MY game playing needs/wants. But the Vita looks super cool..doesn't play the games I like though.

(Ill get many disagrees because of my preferred games/consoles)

darthv721483d ago

Nobody buys a platform because its cool. They buy one because it has the games they want to play.

I been gaming for 30+ years and i did so because it is fun. Cool had nothing to do with it. I like to go against the norm for things like this because there are some very surprising diamonds in the rough that people overlook because they dont give a platform the chance to surprise them.

All good games deserve the chance to be played. No matter the platform.

PoSTedUP1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

im proud to own a vita, console quality oled in my pocket, mmm. i want a 3DS eventually, too (so many games). no WiiU tho. been playing killzone mercs, lbpvita; ps1: grandia, chrono cross; and virtua tennis4 (bc rafa nadal just won).

kreate1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


Nintendo is for kids and casuals though.

At least... That's what nintendo themself is pushing for.

Vita is more for hardcore gamers.

So if ur a casual, U'll definitely like the Nintendo much better.

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PSNintyGamer1483d ago

Well, they both look uncool to the majority of Gamers, so I guess opinions will be opinions.

BullyMangler1483d ago

just because the world thinks wiiU is a peripheral resulting in normal sales, dsnt mean its uncool, heck it gets the ultimate versions of games over a ps4 360 like watchDogs, Deus ex, rayman, Splinter cell etc etc . thanks to the awesome gamingPad

theshonen88991483d ago

Almost every single one of the multiplatforms on Wii U are inferior to their PS3/360 counterpart, either in terms of graphics or framerate. I don't remember ever seeing a single game running better on Wii U than the on other platforms, but there might be a few. Check DigitalFoundry and you'll see it's true.

I bought a Wii U for Nintendo games. It's unfortunate that multiplats are so bad on the Wii U, but Nintendo games are enough.

DC7771482d ago

Not sure what or where shohen's comment is coming from but it is COMPLETELY untrue.

Mr_Writer851482d ago

Wow are people STILL holding onto "people don't know what it is" excuse?

Gamers know exactly what it is, and the vast majority of gamers don't want it and why would casuals want it? Tablets offer the quick easy gaming that the Wii did but they also do more then the WiiU.

It's also more expensive then the PS3/360 which destroy the WiiU in terms of library, and it lacks the power to compete with the X1 and PS4 who in 2/3 years will both have more choice in games (and before you say "quality over quantity" they will have top rated games and more of them.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1483d ago

personally Im ready to drop $200 on the Vita this summer just for P4G.

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parentoftheyear1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Own a vita all sorts of games to choose from. So I don't know what kind you play but it has every genre on it. Also will be getting a Wii u soon. Hopefully on the 15th. Buying it for mario donkey Kong and Wii fit u. Lost 73 pds on Wii fit gained it all back during wife's pregnancy. Time to try again.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1482d ago

That cute. I own both because they have exclusives games I want.
Along with Wii, 3DS, 360 and PS3 all for games I want and not coolness.

ArchangelMike1482d ago

I absolutely love my PSVita. There are hundredsof games to play. But regardless, the remote play feature from the PS4 sealed the deal for me.

3-4-51482d ago

I actually just bought both a Vita & Wii U within the last 3-4 weeks.

*I'm liking the Wii U a lot more, but I also missed out on Wii so I'm catching up on games like Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 + Loz:Twilight Princess.

* There aren't a ton of games for the Vita that appeal to me or that I'm currently interested in but there are some releasing in the future that I really want to play.

- U:MvC3 has been awesome, & MLB The Show 14 releases in a few days, so I get to play that.

* Wii U though, this is probably my favorite console since the N64, and I LOVE my N64.

* It feels like the next N64 kind of, not a ton of games but some real classics available to play with some more on the way.

* The Gamepad is much more comfortable to use that I thought it would be, and I've held off on getting a Pro Controller because the Gamepad is a legit controller.

* Both Vita & Wii U are lacking variety in their games but I think we need to be a bit more patient.

* Year 2 for consoles is when you start seeing the games pick up and year 3 is when it really kicks into gear for most consoles.

* 3DS started getting games, but it took 2 full years really.

* That timeframe is approaching for both of these gaming systems so I expect to see a lot of good info at E3 for both Vita & Wii U.

* It's not about amount of games, but about the quality of those games released.

* Wii had over 1,000 games but 800 of them were trash.

* N64 only had like 400 games for it but 30 of those are instant video game classics, that helped shape the way gaming is today.

* Looking forward to Mario Kart 8 & Super Smash Brothers on the Wii U, & Borderlands 2 & MLB The Show on Vita.

There are others also, but those are the main games for me, that I'll get a ton of replay value from.

* I played a ton of games for xbox 360 this past gen, but most of them weren't really that good now that I think about it, and there aren't that many classics in the 360 catalog compared to past gaming consoles.

I think Quality > Quantity for sure, but you still need a solid amount of games and both are slightly lacking so far.

* Be patient, E3 could be epic.

Eddie201011482d ago

Both are way cool, most that think they are not have not even played games on them, PSVita has tons of games made for it and lots of PS1 games and Minis. Go to PSN and you would be shocked at the amount of games there are for the Vita. Wii U is great too, very cool hardware and user interface an social apps, also the only system to have Nintendo games, great family gaming machine, period.

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DEEBO1483d ago

Why stop at the wiiu and the vita why not own all of them.
i have the wiiu,two vita's(one for my son)xbox one,ps3 and ps4.
I don't buy systems because of it's hype and popularity,i buy them because i'm a gamer.

Phil321483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Yeah... the point of this article went over your head. At no point did I say I buy anything based on hype or popularity or for anyone to do such a thing. I also did not ever even mention only owning a Wii U and Vita.

I also never said I didn't own any others either, or whether one platform was better than another so I don't understand your post at all. I'm sort of thinking you didn't even read the article, which is sort of counterproductive to discussion, no?

DEEBO1483d ago

i have a confession to make,i didn't read the article just the title lol.

I bet it was a good story though,keep up the good work.

Snookies121483d ago

If only everyone were like that... I don't own any current-gen (Wii U/X1/PS4) consoles at the moment because of financial issues. However, I've owned every console to come out since the Nintendo days, lol. Xbox and Xbox 360, PS1-PS3, Nintendo-Wii, and have been a PC gamer since my early days.

Sure I have some preference on which companies I like best, but that won't and never will hold me back from just enjoying games no matter the platform.

Hicken1483d ago

Can't speak on the Wii U, but the Vita is very cool.

BelkingOfSony1482d ago

PSVita is the coolest handheld I've ever owned (not my favourite, that's reserved for my adorable pikachu 3ds xl)

Metallox1483d ago

The Wii U it's a good system and it has good games as well. But hey, its browser is faster than a regular computer and even lets you watch por... I mean... you can still playing while your family wathces TV.

theshonen88991483d ago

I don't know what you're talking about. The browser on my Wii U is completely useless. I always pull out my phone instead.

mshope101483d ago

What I have Samsung galaxy phone and I rather use my wii u browser every single time. maybe you never used a wii u web browser before.

browngamer411482d ago

Apparently you haven't touched the U's browser or your system is broken-I use mine daily(typing this on it right now) and it's very fast-there are a couple of things that could be added (like sound)but all in all it's a very competent browser..

Nerdmaster1483d ago

I own both, but I'm not too proud about owning a Vita. The fact that the only game I play on it now is a port of a PS2 game (and before that I don't even remember the last time I touched it) shows how much I think it needs better games desperately.

Hicken1483d ago

That's pretty sad, given the number of quality titles on the Vita.

stragomccloud1483d ago

And for the same stupid reasons.

Not enough units sold, so not enough publishers making games.

Not enough games, so not enough people wanting to buy.

Publishers decide to make some games, but then they half ass them, or release lazy ports of older games.

And people wonder why they aren't doing well.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1482d ago

There is many devs support but as for bigger companies they focus on ports and hd version rather than new original titles while smaller companies bringing new stuff.

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