inFamous: Second Son Review: "an opportunity missed" (The Gaming Review)

TGR take a look at the latest PS4 exclusive, hoping that the system-selling title lives up to the hype.

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Software_Lover1488d ago

I actually got a chance to play it over my brother house while visiting. Other than the neon effects it was nothing too special IMHO. The game looks good and is very clean. No jaggies what-so-ever, that I could spot while moving. I'm sure someone will post a still image of jaggies.

My impression was a 7-7.5. It was missing something. If GTA V or GTA VI can pull of the clean look of Infamous, LOOK OUT!!!

hulk_bash19871488d ago

I'm pretty sure I am in the minority but I actually enjoyed playing through inFamous: Second Son over GTA V. The world may have been more open and activites more varied with GTA V, but I wasn't really as compelled to explore it as I was with Second Son. Maybe it's because I prefer having super powers over having guns and cars. I am not saying GTA V isn't a great game, it's actually an excellent one. I enjoyed playing through Second Son more than I did GTA V personally. But you are entitled to your opinion and I respect it.

HighResHero1488d ago

Actually most people I've heard from seem to prefer Second Son. I don't really see the need to pit the two against one another though.

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stuna11488d ago

Of course it's nothing special for those who look at things through tinted glasses! As far as my take on it, show me another game that's doing as much as Imfamous SS this early in the generation and still able to maintain 1080p resolution and while also maintaining a stable frame rate!

Nothing special is a term relegated to those who are content to measuring things with limited capacity to look outside the box! In other words, they use what they are used too to measure everything from the same perspective, therefore overlooking what's truly different.

Boody-Bandit1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

"show me another game that's doing as much as Imfamous SS this early in the generation and still able to maintain 1080p resolution and while also maintaining a stable frame rate!"

And NO jaggies at all.

I'm on my 3rd play through.
I got 100% completion with Good Karma.
100% completion with Evil Karma.
Now I'm playing it on expert rocking Evil Karma again and I'm 50% done. Calling it a night and will finish it over the weekend. I can't stop playing this game. The only trophy I need for platinum is expert level.

Than I'm going to play the side mission and wait for DLC. It's games like this as why I'm still a gamer after 8 generations. This game is a blast. I hope Sucker Punch carries this series onward and upward.

Bigpappy1488d ago

I have not read one single comment stating that it was not a good technical achievement. Yet that is your total argument to try and counter what everyone else is saying is wrong with the game.

There are saying that it does not have enough to do, too short and no very completing. What does how nice it looks have too do with those? Many fans obviously wanted a much deeper game.

xPhearR3dx1488d ago

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Bigpappy. You'd have to be a fool or a troll to say this game isn't a technical achievement. Thankfully, I have yet to see someone say otherwise.

However, the game itself (from what I heard) is very shallow. I'll end up picking it up at some point because I need something to play on my PS4, but I'm going to wait for a price drop, or even once my cousin finishes up with it, just have him send me his copy.

I've never really been a huge inFamous fan, but I was really looking forward to this one. Overall all though, I don't think it turned out like I'd hope. I'll have to wait and judge for myself when I actually play it though.

BABY-JEDI1488d ago

@ brutallyhonest
A lot of people have IMO intentionally missed your point. That is the replay-ability of the game. The combat is brilliant. You can approach this in many ways. The environmental destruction is excellent too. I really like the lead characters to. Which supports the theme of the game & it's mechanics. I'm still on my first play through, & I'm still enjoying all the side missions to. Guess a lot of people are just showing their game type preferences when you boil things right down.
Must buy IMO
; )

mkis0071488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

@Bigpappy and others that keep bringing this point up.

Second Son does something in a game that maybe we are not used to yet: The graphics and visuals(particle system to be exact) actually making the game more fun to play. Without the awesome particle effects I don't think I would be hooked on it as much. I feel like I am actually effecting enemies in the game while I play. This is a playground, on this evil play-through even more. Plus they added in small DUP endgame raids (small but they add bad guys to fight, and they are infinite).

The destructible DUP checkpoints makes for a great share button video. So many people on my fb are watching them. I am currently mopping up after my 2nd playthrough, just platinumed the game and still want to play.

And obviously this early in the gen the games are going to be somewhat basic. I mean look at Assassins Creed 1 last gen; empty compared to 2,3, and 4. GTA 4 didn't even have many side quests, look at 5. Indeed look at infamous 1 to infamous 2...night and day. Those are just open world games. Try Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2,3 and The last of us... It is nice to expect everything to be perfect from the get-go but it is very unrealistic.

And I still think Second Son is the best release for 6 months into a console as far as being fun and amazingly beautiful.

Now that SP has a game out, they have the tech down...That is really what the first year/first game release is about. Get the tech and understand it, then dive into the extras.

Lastly, I think Watch Dogs may be your friend come the end of May. I think Ubisoft may nail open world with their second major release on next gen consoles.

aaaannd I wrote too much.

Boody-Bandit1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Some of my comments on Infamous:SS here on N4G since it was released and keep in mind I was always trying not to get into specifics because of spoilers.

"Once you have all your powers. Buildings and roaming are irrelevant and become a playground for a super hero. This game starts off like a sim car racing game. You have to drive low powered vehicles until you unlock the beast. That's how this game is and I thought it was stellar. I thought Delsin was awesome and I didn't miss Cole one bit.

I'm playing it over now using Evil Karma. This game is incredible. I can't even begin to imagine what Sucker Puck will pull off if they make a sequel. This game is stunning and I thought it moved like silk."


"I thought Delsin was an excellent character. I liked him even more than Cole. Troy Baker (Delsin) is definitely a better voice actor than Eric Ladin (Cole). At least in my opinion. Both characters were great but I preferred Delsin overall"

"It took me a few days of a lot of gaming hours to beat the game on my 1st play through. Mind you I didn't rush and had Delsin nearly sharded (LOL I sharded my pants) out for the ending. My guesstimation is it took me roughly 20hrs of gameplay to complete the game.

Like you said, it's open world and I enjoyed the game. This game is too damn good to speed run through it."

Spin away BP. I have a game to play.
Like I said in previous comments, I think Infamous is brilliant. I've been gaming since gaming started. If you paid attention to any of my comments on N4G you would know I have written over and over again, "I am of the opinion of one, my own."

I don't need another soul to validate my opinion or purchase. That's the difference between a man and a child. Unlike you I'm here to discuss games and not champion or piss on the consoles they run on.

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joab7771488d ago

A missed opportunity sums it up...but only to a degree. Its true that it's short and shallow, not much going on, and the evil side makes no sense.

But, it does accomplish what early gen games us what is possible with the new hardware. Its beautiful and the future is bright.

I do believe that even if its a rental, every ps4 owner should at least ec experience the visuals, smooth frame rate, astonishing power set, and great combat.

...and be very, very sad...that they missed such a golden opportunity. Maybe Watch Dogs was smart for their delay. It may not look as good, but it is chalked full of things to do.

stuna11488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

@ BigPappy

Wasn't the same sort of criticism leveled at TitanFall? Yet many reject it, and claim that it's unwarranted because it's fun! So why can't that apply here as well?

BABY-JEDI1488d ago

Angry Joes review on Titanfall is the definitive review to date. A really enjoyable game that lacks soo much content. No free pass! Missed opportunity

facelike1488d ago

Looking at this review, they docked it because it didn't really showcase what the PS4 can do other than graphics. Essentially, it's just another Infamous game.

I'm really wondering what many of these reviewer are expecting for "next gen experiences". I read once that someone said that you can't have a new experience without new type of hardware like VR, Camera that can read you body movements, a controller you can point at the screen, etc.

I love Infamous and Infamous 2, they're some of my favorite games to play. I can't wait to play SS knowing that it's similar to the other games.

sAVAge_bEaST1488d ago

It is the best, out of all of them.. The only one I feel compelled to Platinum. & that says alot.

In fact it's the first game, Ever, I feel compelled to platinum.

CrossingEden1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

At the very least every conduit in the game should've had their own side missions that expanded on their personalities and backstories more. The story would've been much better and having that kinda side content would've made this a GOTY contender for sure. Pretty sure Nix and Kuo had their own side missions quest lines in Infamous 2, so there's no reason for them to exclude that here, instead we get the same repetitive tasks over and over. That would've been a huge innovation for this series because obviously they hired better writers. Instead we only get
-Destroy enemy base
Then do the following OVER and OVER and OVER
-Subdue or kill Secret DUP agent
-Stencil Arts
-Find Hidden Camera
-Find Audio Logs
-Collect Blast shards
And then do this OVER and OVER
-District Showdowns
That's the only side content in the game. In every district. Finding a random npc in the crowd based on a picture is not a fun activity after three times. Also VERY minimal changes to the evil side of the game besides a few edits in cutscenes and some different dialogue. This game obviously is lacking that push and innovation that would've made it a memorable game that would be remembered as one of the best of all super hero games of all time.
Another detriment is the complete lack of enemy variety. The only enemy types we fight ONLY use concrete. There's no alternative lasting enemy force or other factions besides handgun wielding random drug dealers with no main enemy behind them. That is a huge detriment when it comes to providing fun and varied gameplay.
Don't be mad at gamers for expecting more than just a basic sequel that does nothing innovative or genre defining in the third entry of the series. Back in my day, we didn't need VR, cameras, or motion controls to make sequels feel innovative and different in a different way than just aesthetics. ಠ_ಠ


very well said and all of it is FACTUAL!

BABY-JEDI1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

@ crossingseden As if all the in-game tasks are not enought? I get it. You really don't like these types of games. It's a chore for you. Fair enought. I personally believe it's how you play the game & develop your gaming styles & tactics that makes this game. There is enough room within this game to work your own gaming style. Which isn't a repeat & rinse routine that your indicating.
Now I'm off to deface a billboard LoL

DanteVFenris6661487d ago

Actually at the end there is raids to have use your powers with. All games are repetiiitive in some way. And give them a brake people. Infamous 2 I don't even think sold 2 mill, yet you think they have some massive budget to compete with gta5? It's better then gta5 in my opinion but it's not going to be as filled because of the budget of lower expected sales. Also they had to deal with new hardware, and redo all new assets to upgrade the graphics. If you didn't know sequels usually reuse a lot of assets making development time much shorter but this game was like a reinvention of the series making then have little assists to reuse. Also if you used your imagination while playing, it really is the best infamous and the best super hero sandbox game.

PersonMan1488d ago

What the hell do people want? It stays true to the Infamous style of doing things and since the past games played so great, why change them now? I'm glad they didn't change the basic gameplay.

Some people are just never happy. You can tell that Sucker Punch put a ton of work into this and yet people feel like they need to look at everything with a microscope to find anything that they deem is WRONG with it.

What ever happened to just enjoying a game for what it is instead of not enjoying it because it's not what you imagined it would be.

Ozmoses1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I'm having a blast with this game. I look at reviews and stuff but I don't really use them for my purchases.

maybe sometimes, but I usually have a pretty good indication of what games I know I will like... if you've been gaming long enough you can tell in videos and trailers for the most part if it's a game you'll want to try.

something about this one seems to draw me in a lot more than the previous Infamous games..

I'd say it's a solid game thru and thru. B+ to A

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