7 Anger Inducing Levels in New School Games – Warning: Could Cause Rage Quits

We’re never proud of them but we’ve all had one… controller throwing rage quits. When the going gets tough and then it gets tougher and we break down like overgrown crybabies. Here’s a collection of 7 moments that brought us to tears and back again because no matter how many dents we put in our walls we STILL had to beat them.

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Geekman1548d ago

I found everything easy but Dark Souls.

Farsendor11548d ago

the only game i played on that list is ffx.

dont like gta, mgs, dark souls, god of war.

love dmc just never got to play the 3rd game dmc 1,2 and 4 are fun games.

1548d ago
abbyrose1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I find that's one of the reasons why I still have quite a few games to still beat...sigh. Though I have only played one of the games on that list so I can't really contest to the rest. Some of my other games I ended up rage quitting because of one annoying part I couldn't beat or boss fight I couldn't finish. Then going back to it way later and playing it over again because I hadn't played it in so long I totally forgot what I was doing....

DCfan1548d ago

Is that Miles Edgewarth from Ace Attorney??

abbyrose1548d ago

Yes it is, gotta love the awesomeness of that cravat!

DCfan1548d ago

how is his game on the DS??

abbyrose1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I really enjoyed it the cool thing about this game compared to the other ace attorney games is you get to actually control edgeworth such as walking him around in 3rd person to investigate clues and such so it's kind of got that adventure rpg feeling also still with the point and clicking.

The entire court room element has been removed from this game which was a little disappointing to me but I still really liked playing it. So all the cross examination elements and pressing the people for more information is all done outside of the courtroom. So I guess you could say he is more of a detective rather then a lawyer in this game?

There are I believe 5 cases and some of them are Edgeworth kind of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or something happens when he is visiting somewhere and goes out of his way to try and solve what happened. Like he is on an airplane flying I think from a business meeting somewhere and someone gets murdered on the plane. Edgeworth has to cross examine the people on the plane, collect evidence see who did the murder.

DCfan1547d ago

That sounds really good, i only played the first game in the AA series, but really lookin forward to the others.

DCfan1548d ago

That level in Max Payne i horrible, so annoying.
Oh, and regarding Seymour, just cast reflect on your party.

1548d ago
iosgamer1548d ago

There were a few levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns that made me want to punch my own face.

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