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Submitted by Abriael 687d ago | news

Watch_Dogs' Devs Talk Graphics, Immersion, Elegance and the Value of "Release when it's Done"

The graphics of Watch_Dogs have been a relevant topic of discussion between fans, especially since every trailer seems to include some new elements that are inevitably placed under the spotlight. In order to explain the philosophy behind the visual fidelity of the game in relation to immersion and elegance, Creative Director Jonathan Morin posted a few comments, followed by Graphics Technical Director Sebastien Viard, that talked about the value of releasing when done. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Lawboy2  +   687d ago
My ps4 is ready...omg I can't wait to play this game
MoniqueDHigle   687d ago | Spam
AgentSmithPS4  +   687d ago
Releasing something unfinished is similar to when a dog eats something indigestible, you give the customer something part turd and part game (ea/dice).
trywizardo  +   687d ago
you've over done it , you guys kept doing it till you had to downgrade it .
you had only one job ...
Abriael  +   687d ago
Come on, this downgrade talk is starting to get a bit old.
Stapleface  +   687d ago
It seems people expected their consoles to play games just as good (graphically) as pc's with GPU's that cost more than their entire console. If the game doesn't look like that, it's the devs fault, not their hardware. People will point to inFamous, but inFamous is a small game compared to Watch Dogs in pretty much every way, content, map size, doesn't use pre baked lighting, etc.
morganfell  +   687d ago
I absolutely agree Abriael.

However, I have a caveat and it doesn't relate to downgrades in appearance. I endorse the "release when it's done." But If I get a 300MB patch to fix bugs, rather than deliver free DLC, then these companies need an ax taken to them.

It is getting old.

When you delay the game to make it better...well...make the damn thing better.
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HeWhoWalks  +   687d ago
@ Staple: I'd argue that inFAMOUS looks better for one simple reason - it's made SPECIFICALLY for the PS4. Never mind everything else, which in truth, the content isn't that much less in it than WATCH_DOGS.

That said, I don't believe there ever was a downgrade. We just always saw PC footage up until E3 last year.
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ovnipc  +   687d ago
The game will look great. My one its so ready for this game.
starchild  +   687d ago
This has never been a downgrade between last year's PS4 gameplay demos and the recent footage. It's the same, if not a bit more polished (better AA, framerate, etc).

I mean, you're not really saying that this:
looks better than this:
are you?
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PurpatraitorMGS  +   687d ago
At least they have the decency to live by that policy.

I commend Ubisoft for not releasing an unfinished product.

Looking forward to some hacking <3
MegaDan  +   687d ago
The thing is, if gamers dont stand up against developers downgrading games they will continue to do it through out this gen. $60 for a "NEXT GEN" game with graphics similar to last gen (ps3/360) is not acceptable, especially after the game was delayed.
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iamneo  +   687d ago
if you think it is downgraded watch the welcome to chicago trailer. it speaks for itself. lord, you babies make me ashamed to be a gamer. and remember thats with youtubes compression bullshit too jesus!!!
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DC777  +   687d ago
That showcases how great the world and gameplay is but certainly not graphics which are only minorly better than GTA. Not as great as we originally thought it would look but it sure looks fun.
urwifeminder  +   687d ago
The downgrade value is amazing.
Themba76  +   687d ago
now only if dice took the same time with bf4
Billybobjoey  +   687d ago
Personally, I wouldn't blame DICE. I blame EA. They're the ones that set the release date.
Grimhammer00  +   687d ago
The lighting has been downgraded....but if it means buttery smooth performance im down.

But woe is Ubi if I see frame rate issues, tearing or popup!!!
Lawboy2  +   687d ago
Who here has seen welcome to Chicago trailer...the game looks amazing I've watched it like 5 times...u should just watch the puddles on the ground it's so realistic...the reflections look amazing...and the fact that they can make all the ppl around aiden look so life like to me is unbelieveable...the game is huge and will last ppl for awhile I'm saying close to a month or two...and by then the destiny beta or the game will be out
bienio  +   687d ago
My Pc is ready for me this game is day one in my house😉
IQUITN4G  +   687d ago
Regardless of the whole graphics debate, more worryingly is how ubisoft is portraying this to be a living breathing city. They haven't perhaps said this directly but in a very cheeky way are strongly hinting at this as being a persistent world- they certainly aren't pointing out it isn't that's for sure and many people that aren't clued up on how these things work will assume this is the first truly persistent game. Iv'e no doubt it will be a good game in it's own way but this is going to leave a lot of very naïve gamers disappointed. I smell an even bigger backlash than the graphics one

Some people will genuinely believe that the AI in this world have their own individual persistent lives and go about every day doing things because this is how ubisoft portrays their game especially in the latest video. Some people will have already imagined scenarios where AI is smart enough to go to work for example or all the other various things involved in a day. It's all very possible but also massively reliant on lots of power or entirely new properly working smoke and mirrors to do so. It's no small undertaking in terms of power and sheer design to get this sort of thing to work. All very possible but just not likely given this is also running on current gen with Ubisoft knowing they can't possibly sell a game with compromised visuals

The good thing is this may spur development into proper fully tracked interactive games in the future but for now this may end backfiring on ubisoft. Just as likely is most people end up forgetting the hype anyway as it normally happens. Ubisoft knows this only too well but are willing to bet on the hype offsetting any slight damage

Who knows though, perhaps a first step that kicks this whole type of thing of

Gamers will hopefully be even more vocal about this
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BosSSyndrome  +   686d ago
All this talk about freakin graphics.
can I just take this moment to not give a shit?

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