Top 5 Xbox one games right now

fauxbuzz-So you got an xbox one, you are not a launch buyer, dont know what games to get? Here are the top 5 xbox one games right now, to get you going in enjoying your console.

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Gozer1129d ago

No Powerstar Golf? Blasphemy!!!

1129d ago
texag20111129d ago

LOL. Plants vs Zombies #1??? Author is an idiot.

mo2411128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

it is a great game for people who just want to have fun (playing with friends).
but I don't know if it deserves #1. for some people it does.

VforVideogames1129d ago

PvZ its fun but to be on the # one spot mmmmm what about forza5?

pop-voxuli1128d ago

AKA - The only 5 Xbox one games right now

sgtGanGreen1128d ago

Xbox one have best games at the moment