Crash Bandicoot (PS1, PSN) Retro Review

Bean writes, "Way back before Naughty Dog was making cinematic-oriented games, they were a company that was struggling to find a direction for themselves. Mark Cerny, who at the time worked at Universal Interactive Studios, liked the promise that the team had and asked the studio to try and put that ability into making a new platformer. Many had tried to compete with Nintendo's series in the past, but at the time, only Sonic the Hedgehog had seen any semblance of lasting success. It seemed an odd move, but there was one advantage the team had. The game would not be a simple side-scroller, but a 3D-based one instead. The game, of course, would be none other than Crash Bandicoot, and it would be one that Sony quickly signed on to their Playstation in order to compete with Nintendo. How was this first game that helped put Naughty Dog on the map? You don't have to answer that. I will."

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darthv721576d ago

This is a classic. It was an amazing feat that the devs were doing streaming textures from the disc with this game. The game demonstrated that the ps1 could do some really great things and with a dev like ND they still do.

1576d ago
chazjamie1575d ago

probably the reason i still play video games till this day.

Geekman1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

No mascots surpassed my love for the Mario games, but I liked almost all of them. Crash, Rayman, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger..... and Crash was awesome. He's the reason I own an Original Xbox. (Besides Halo.)

Drithe1575d ago

I bought that game just to show off to my friend, who had a sega Saturn. Loved the first 3 games.

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